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There are sooo many sources of information. Telling us too many conflicting things.

Try searching ‘healthy eating‘ and you’ll see what I mean…

It’s no wonder you can’t decide if you should drink less coffee, eat more fish or quit carbs altogether. And, should you really feel guilty for having a glass of wine at the weekend?

Find the answers with a consultation, a talk or workshop or even by reading some handy blog posts (below).

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As featured on BBC Radio Bristol and in The Telegraph

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Latest blog posts:

Just five minutes
We are all busy. I know that. Life isn’t exactly going to get any slower any time soon. Work. Family. Friends. Eating. House. Holidays. Social media. etc. All these things mean that there really aren’t any minutes spare. At all. Anywhere. No time to chill (unless you call ‘chilling’ checking your phone again) which doesn’t ... Read more
Stop putting ice in your smoothie
I don’t very often tell people what to do. I’m more of a ‘give this a try’ or ‘why not consider this’ kind of a nutritionist. After all, nobody likes being told what to do; especially when it comes to eating. And I do take particular pride in calling myself the opposite of a food ... Read more
Salad days!
Standing in the supermarket, in a hurry, looking a line of greenery in the chiller section. You know you want to eat more salad. But seriously. The choices when it comes to chocolate or fizzy drinks is pretty much unlimited, but you never realised that the simple act of choosing a salad would be so ... Read more
The best way to keep a food diary
When I work with a client, I often ask them to keep a food diary for me, either as part of the pre-consultation process or as part of working with them. The reason that I ask for a food diary is that it is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the easiest ways to ... Read more
I won a prize – a really big one!
You might not know, but I am part of a business accelerator programme called Entrepreneurial Spark here in Bristol. When I first found out that I had won a place there, I got all excited and wrote this post about it. I’ve now been there for 9 months (time really does fly when you are ... Read more

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