About me

Hello. I’m Claire Stone, and I’m a nutritionist, not a food dictator.

Which means I don’t deal in guilt.

(hence the picture of me choffing an ice-cream)

My aim is to help you eat better. Because when you eat better, you feel better, have more energy, take less time off sick and are more productive. Which makes life, and work, a lot more fun.

about me

My Story (it’s quite long)

(if you don’t have time to read it all, just head to the bottom where there is a list of 11 things about me)

I’ve always loved food. I mean, really loved it. Not that I liked a lot of food – I was fussy as heck (fishfingers, chips and baked beans were, for a very long time, pretty much the foods I liked) until something really unexpected happened.

I went to live in Germany for six months.

Nothing unexpected about that. After all, I had planned to go and live with a German family as their Au-Pair for a few months.

No, the unexpected thing that happened was the food.  Or more specifically, the fact that I ate the food.

And enjoyed it.

Even the weird German stuff like, you know, erm, broccoli. And peppers. And most especially all the crazy German breads.

Living in Germany and then a few years later in Spain for half a year, opened my eyes (and tastebuds) to a whole new world. A world in which people eat different foods, or the same foods but at different times and with a different attitude. And nothing was right, or wrong.

People are different, and the dining table doesn’t have to revolve around fish fingers.

I’d love to say it was amazing and that all these different foods are what inspired me to become a nutritionist. But they aren’t. What I can say about all these different culinary ideas is that, now that I am a nutritionist, I have a whole host of different styles, opinions and options available to myself and my clients. Which, I’m starting to realise, is why I tend to not like making rules. Instead, I’m all about understanding why we do stuff, and then picking from all the options to find a good way forward.

I’m not pushing my dietary agenda. I’m here to save the world from ‘do this, don’t do that’.

When my kids were young, I was so confused by all the contradictory information out there – how the heck was I supposed to know what to feed them? I figured I might as well become my own expert so that I could make sure I gave them (and me) what they needed. So I trained as a Nutritional Therapist, and started putting what I learned to use both with my wonderful clients and my brilliant family.

My style of nutrition is practical, realistic and adaptable – no matter how secretly weird you are. I can come and help you and your team at work become more productive and creative or I work one-on-one to figure out exactly what you need and to help you fit it into your life. I make it my business to understand what works for you and to explain it in a way that makes sense AND is totally do-able.

Testimonial, Corine Hines, Spring Coaching.

I was so impressed by Claire’s attitude to health and nutrition.

She helped me navigate through all the nutrition nonsense that is sometimes written and spoken about. She is practical, knowledgeable and delivers her advice with warmth and humour.
I highly recommend Claire if you want to avoid silly food fads, dodgy diets and want manageable and useful advice about food and health

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Eleven Things about Me

(I know, it would normally be 10, but 11 is my hubby’s lucky number so I thought I’d go with the lucky hubby)

1. I used to be a world champion – yes I did. You better not try to out-march me in a marching band competition, because I will whoop your butt (or at least, I would have done 20 years ago!)

2. I love the sea, and I have a hard time staying out of it. If I am anywhere near the sea (or any body of water), you can bet your bottom dollar that I will either be climbing into a wetsuit, or changing into my cossie, or even just rolling up my jeans so that I can get in. And if I can’t get in, I’ll be gazing at the water – surely I’m not the only person in the world who likes watching the tide coming in or going out?

3. My eyesight is BAAAAD. I am officially, legally blind in the State of Maine, and I can’t do anything without my specs or contact lenses. I can’t even get from my bed to the bathroom without my little old visual aid!

4. Eating is something of a major hobby of mine. Yes, I know I should say something here about eating food which nourishes my soul, or feeds my divine purpose, but to be fair, that’s not my main priority when it comes to eating. Yes, I totally love how good food can be the difference between good health and some random gut-ache (that’s why I am a nutritional therapist, after all), but if I am going to eat something (anything!) it had bloomin’ well better taste good. I eat when I am happy. And I eat when I am sad. I eat when I am bored. And I eat when I need to procrastinate

5. If you want, I can teach you to snowboard. Not in a huge tricks stylie; just in a beginner or intermediate kind of way.

6. I may be rubbish at surfing, but one of my favourite quotes is from Duke Kahanamoku (known as the father of modern surfing): ‘The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun’ which clearly makes me the very best surfer in the entire history of humankind.

7. I am super optimistic. If you don’t like optimism, there is no place for you here. Unless you are nicely pessimistic, in which case, ‘hi’!

8. I can be overly optimistic though. I tried cutting the grass with a pair of scissors when I was a kid. I did a pretty good job (managed about a square foot), but when my mum said it was time for lunch, I realised my priorities had changed.

9. I love my sleep. Another of my fave sayings is: ‘Nothing is worth losing sleep over. If it is a serious enough problem, you need your sleep to help you figure out the answer’. I can’t remember who said it, but it does summarize, in a very un-neat manner, my philosophy in life and in my work. (clearly though: having children removed all chances of getting lots of sleep. I’m still recovering now).

10. I have to move. Dancing. Walking. Riding my bike. Surfing. Wiggling my toes (I do that a lot when I am nervous).

11. Thanks to the gift of rubbish eyes, I can see things really close up. Which is why I love taking really close up photos of things like sand, eyes and leaves. I know that sounds weird, but when you can see detail like I can, it’s nice to try to capture it with a picture for other folk to see too.

I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other things that I could tell you about me, but for the sake of my business, I’m not going to. At least, not until we know each other better.

Find out more about how I can help your business become more successful by being filled with energetic and healthy souls.

Or find out how I can help you eat better.