The Power Up Five Day Detox

I know that doing a Detox right now might be pretty much the very last thing you want to do – aside from actually sticking a hot jacket potato in your pants – but there are some very good reasons why a short and sweet and very jolly Detox might be for you.

You may well have spent the months since Christmas wondering where your belly appeared from, and pondering how on earth you are going to get rid of it before you hit the beach this Summer. You already have tried to eat better as part of your New Year Resolution to ‘get fit’ and failed at some point between Jan 1sst and now. You feel like you need a kick in the butt because you had no will power to beat the Easter Bunnies in a chocolate fist fight and time is running short if you want to hit your fitness goals this year.


  • You rely on caffeine, sugar, cigarettes, chocolate etc to get you going in the morning, and then you need alcohol and maybe even sleeping tablets to get to sleep at night. You dream of the days when you went to bed, slept like a baby who sleeps well, and then woke up full of beans in the morning.
  • You think you are eating pretty well, but your belly still rumbles like thunder every now and again, and you have no idea why.
  • You want to eat better, but the thought of another diet or ‘healthy eating phase’ is enough to drive you wild with anger. It’s hard enough choosing what to make for tea without having to wonder if what you are making is actually good for you.
  • You want to try some new foods, maybe experiment in the kitchen a little, but have no  idea what to make or where you would even start.

Now, the crazy thing is that, just like the birds and the bees, we are creatures of the world. Creatures which, ideally, get to hibernate in the Winter, and run around in the sun like wild horses in the Summer. We should be eating berries in the Autumn and chowing down salads in the Spring. Why? Because our bodies are designed to store stuff in the Winter when it’s cold, and they are designed to run around and burn off the Winter storage in the Spring. So you need to eat right too. And if you need to eat right, you also need to detox right to. That’s why my Five Day Detoxes change for each season. In the Summer, it’s all about light, fresh, vitamin filled foods, and in the Winter it is all about storing up the goodies to get you through the crappiest cold spells.

Instead of leaving your ‘I need to get healthy’ plans in the cupboard for another year, enrol now for a sweet week just five days of great foods, recipe ideas, a menu, a shopping list and daily emails from me. You’ve no idea how brilliant you will feel by the end of the week. The great thing too is that the detox is DONE for the weekend – leaving you feeling AMAZING and not tied to a detox plan on  Saturday and Sunday.

Or, if you need to read more, check out the Nitty Gritty Page to see if it sounds like your thing. If you have any questions, check the Frequently Asked Questions Page and once you’ve decided to hit the Detox, go ahead and ENROL!

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