We all know that when you eat ‘good stuff’, you feel better, more productive, more creative and more engaged in life and in work.

Knowing what counts as ‘good’ can be tricky. That’s why I’m here. I’m Claire, a nutritional therapist, not food dictator. I help you figure what works for you, making it easy to eat better.

So whether you are an individual wanting some personal help, or a team leader/boss who wants to increase productivity while showing your staff that you care about them, do get in touch.

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You were designed to choff Easter Eggs
It’s true. You were. You were designed in such a way as to need to eat Easter Eggs. And the Easter Egg makers know this. They are perfectly aware of the fact that, as a human being (you are a human being after all – unless your name is Mork, in which case, you jolly ... Read more
Post-exercise chocolate milk
People, especially runners, talk about chocolate milk as being a great ‘post exercise’ refueling drink, and I have to agree. It is pretty fantastic. It tastes good, it quickly gets protein to where it needs to go, and it is super convenient – no need to start cooking an omelette when you have chocolate milk ... Read more
On admitting the scary stuff
It was World Escape Day – you know, the amazing day organised by the fab people at Escape the City, and I was asked to be a speaker. Which was cool – yay me – but also a bit strange because rather than prepare a talk on nutrition or health or food, I was asked ... Read more
Spelt pancakes
Pancakes are amazing. I love them a lot. If it wasn’t for the fact that they take a bit of faffing around, I’d have them every day. Or at least every weekend. (If you think you shouldn’t have pancakes, read this) At home, we make our pancakes with spelt flour – here’s the recipe for ... Read more
No time to sleep?
So many of my clients say the same thing: I’m so tired. I’m knackered. I don’t have enough energy. Yet when I ask them how much sleep they are getting, the answer is often: Not enough. See, they already know that they aren’t getting enough sleep, but at the same time, they don’t prioritise getting ... Read more

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