We all know that when you eat ‘good stuff’, you feel better, more productive, more creative and more engaged in life and in work.

Knowing what counts as ‘good’ can be tricky. That’s why I’m here. I’m Claire, a nutritional therapist, not a food dictator. I help you figure what works for you, making it easy to eat better.

So whether you are organising your staff away day, planning a wellbeing programme, or simply want some handy nutrition all for yourself, do get in touch.

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Exercising for the fun of it
In our latest podcast, the wonderful Mindful Eating Coach, Lisa Beasley and I talk (and laugh a lot) about exercising. Or more specifically, our trip to a fitness class. Lisa had the brilliant idea that we should go along to a session together and then talk about it afterwards. So we did. We joined a ... Read more
Alternative New Year Resolutions
I mentioned in my last podcast that New Year Resolutions are rubbish – especially ones relating to fitness and health. Which is why I feel a tad hypocritical writing a post for New Year with some alternative New Year resolution suggestions for you. But there you go. I wrote these in a hurry: based on ... Read more
Your New Year Weight Loss Resolution is rubbish – Podcast Episode 3
Your New Year Resolution to lose weight this year is a rubbish one. It really is. And even though you really mean it, you are probably going to fail. Why? Because many resolutions – up to around 60% of them, depending on what you read – fail within one month. ONE month. And if you ... Read more
Podcast Episode 2 – Survive Christmas
“How am I going to get through Christmas?” “What will do I about all the chocolate/mince pies/crackers in the house?” “Why can’t I leave the nibbles alone once I start?” These are exactly the kind of questions I get asked by my clients at this time of year (well, actually, they ask those kinds of ... Read more
Podcast Episode 1
Creating a podcast is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.     Ever since, during the creation of the old version of my website, when I recorded a little spoken introduction and I was hiding under my duvet to record it because I was so embarrassed about my voice (!), ... Read more

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