We all know that when you eat ‘good stuff’, you feel better, more productive, more creative and more engaged in life and in work.

Knowing what counts as ‘good’ can be tricky. That’s why I’m here. I’m Claire, a nutritional therapist, not a food dictator. I help you figure what works for you, making it easy to eat better.

So whether you are organising your staff away day or new organisational wellbeing programme, or simply want some handy nutrition all for yourself, do get in touch.

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How to reduce migraines
I confess. I get migraines. In fact, I’ve been a migraine ‘sufferer’ (I hate that word. I don’t suffer from them. I get bashed about the brain by them, but I don’t suffer from them) since I was in my teens. I didn’t realise they were migraines. I just thought they were really bad headaches. ... Read more
Doodle your way to creativity
‘I’m not creative’ – or am I? Claire Stone Nutrition isn’t just about food and nutrition. Yes, it’s the main focus – I am a Nutritional Therapist after all (doh!), and I’ll always be working to help you get happy and comfortable about food. That’s why I’ve written posts with recipes like this one, and ... Read more
Tasty coleslaw
Summer is here and one of my favourite things to eat when the weather gets warm (and especially at a barbeque) is this simple yet bloomin’ marvelous coleslaw which my hubby (Steve) often makes. It takes just a few minutes to make, keeps for a couple of days in the fridge (if you don’t eat ... Read more
Do not put your kid on a diet
I don’t care what anyone else says: if your child is overweight, do NOT put your kid on a diet. Not now. Not ever. (disclaimer: I’m guessing there might be some cases when a diet is the only and urgent answer to an issue, but I’m putting myself out there by saying I believe those ... Read more
You were designed to choff Easter Eggs
It’s true. You were. You were designed in such a way as to need to eat Easter Eggs. And the Easter Egg makers know this. They are perfectly aware of the fact that, as a human being (you are a human being after all – unless your name is Mork, in which case, you jolly ... Read more

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