3 ways to better green juices

I know that you know that green juices are good for you.

You might even be brave enough to try making the odd one, every now and again.

And each time you do, well, you gag just a little bit.

You want to feel the goodness of the green-ness, but all you can taste is grass.

Grass, mixed with cucumber and kale. And it does not go down easy.


Each time you make one, you do feel good about yourself, and you know that a green juice makes you feel fine, fab and foxy. But you also know that it will be a good while before you can bear to make another one.

I struggle with the green-ness too.

So here are my three top ways to make a green juice feel less like drinking the cuttings from a cricket pitch.

1. Add citrus. Citrus gives anything a nice tang. And a green juice always needs more tang than it naturally has. I find that limes give the best kind of tang, but you may well be happy with a simple lemon. Don’t just add the juice of a lemon or lime though. Chop it in half, take the rind off, and chuck a whole half in, pith and all. Yum.

2. Add an avocado. Now, clearly, you can’t juice an avocado. But you can, if you have time (and believe me, you will have time when you try this because it tastes more amazing than you can possibly imagine), take your green juice, plop it in a blender with half a ripe avocado, and blend up that green juice. The avocado takes the whole thing up a notch when it comes to creaminess and cool sweet taste, which means the green gunk no longer tastes like green gunk. Yes, it kind of turns it into a vague sort of smoothie, but I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

3. Ditch the kale. Yup. I said it. Ditch the kale, and try using other greens instead. Kale (to my tastebuds) is a pretty strong taste, so if I add kale, all I taste in kale. On the other hand, spinach leaves just disappear in terms of taste, and pea shoots are heavenly. The point of a green juice is, clearly, that you add something green. But it doesn’t have to be kale. Mix things up and see what works for you.

4. Add some blueberries. I know that I was supposed to only give you 3 tips, but blueberries are amazing and they make you brainy. No reason not to add them, as far as I am concerned.


I love the goodness that a green juice brings, so I’m hoping these tips will help if you’ve been struggling with getting your juices to taste like something you actually want to drink. If you have any more secret tips for making your green juices even more smashing feel free to share them here!

Finally, if you really still don’t feel the love for green juices, my ebook The Juice Party contains some super ideas for super simple juices to get you started.

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