A friend called H2O

When you are being active, it is almost inevitable that at some point, somehow, you are going to be in pain.  You might hurt yourself big time in some sort of accident, or you might just have a niggling ache from pushing yourself too hard. It is going to happen, and that’s part of the fun, surely!

When things hurt, it’s easy to head to the medicine cabinet and take some painkillers.  And often, that’s a top idea.  What I always remind people about though, is that even if you don’t feel the pain any more due to the amazing power of paracetomol, the injury, or sore bit is still there, and there is one excellent thing you can do to limit the damage, help recovery time, and get you moving again.

And that thing is drink water.  And I don’t mean the odd sip every few hours – drink at least two litres over the course of the day.  And this goes for virtually any kind of injury or soreness.

Water provides a nice bit of padding for any injuries, helping prevent more damage.  Once that danger has gone, water helps to flush away all the lingering stuff that you don’t want, and brings all the goodies that you do want.  Getting the bad stuff away, and the good stuff in = repair and recovery!

So even though you might feel that a beer or a coffee is the perfect antidote to sitting on the sidelines, water is, and will always be, your friend.

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