A Healthy Business Retreat? Whaaaat?

I’m pretty sure that those words shouldn’t really go together.

Healthy makes me think of good food, maybe a bit of yoga or running and virtuous conversations.

Business makes me think of serious consideration of cash flow, income streams and book-keeping with a little bit of ego-bashing thrown in for good measure.

Retreat conjures up thoughts of silent monks, knitting (no idea why) and fasting for a week or two.


Yet somehow our recent Healthy Business Retreat was none of those things, and ended up being two fab days of laughter, planning, supportive ideas and conversation, wine (just enough to accompany a meal!) and chocolate (just enough to finish a meal).


The idea of running a Healthy Business Retreat came in a sudden flash, and if we’d had enough time to think it through properly, we would have likely decided that there was no point doing it.

But because it was all done in a hurry – less than 4 weeks from idea to washing up after the last delicious meal – we had no time to wonder if it was a good idea, and if there would be anyone interested in coming on a Healthy Business Retreat. The people appeared, the food arrived and bish bash bosh – we were GAME.

A healthy business retreat was had by all. Huge thanks are due to Magdalena Marsden, wonderful business coach and SEO expert for setting up and running the retreat with me, and to Zoe Richards from Success Revolution for providing the training.

My local paper was impressed enough to run this article about the Retreat (thank you so much Gavin at the Bristol Post for that!) and we now have a fab idea for giving other businesswomen and entrepreneurs the time, space and tools (ie great food, top business coaching as well as a host of other fab ways to stay on top form) to get, and keep their businesses thriving.

evening post photo





Our next business and health boosting retreat is now scheduled for 30th June – 2nd July and will be in Cirencester. To find out about this even more relaxed Healthy Business Retreat and to sign up, head here.

I’m also extremely grateful to the wonderful companies who sponsored our event with donations of samples to tempt, delight and convert the attendees.

Most of the companies are ones which I have been buying from and love (such as Pukka Herbs (for delicious herbal teas) , Clearspring (for the best miso and miso soup), Rude Health (for sprouted oats, snacks and the best breakfast cereals), Rainforest Foods (for divine cacao nibs and cacao powder), Easy Bean (for seriously good GF crackers), Cocozumi (for the finest and ethical coconut oil and water), LoveRaw SuperBlends (the easiest and quickest way to get your superfoods in!), and Neals Yard Skincare (via the Bridge Centre, Derbyshire).

And some were ones that I hadn’t tried before, but wanted to, and am very glad I did, such as:

Bath Spa Skincare (pure, ethical and kind), Dell’Ugo (for the tastiest gf fresh pasta around), The Cultured Cellar (wide and tasty range of fermented foods)

So, now that the dust has settled, we are all set to prepare for the next one. We’d love to have you join us on our future Healthy Business Retreats – so do sign up here to make sure you hear about the next one!




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