Alternative New Year Resolutions

I mentioned in my last podcast that New Year Resolutions are rubbish – especially ones relating to fitness and health.

Which is why I feel a tad hypocritical writing a post for New Year with some alternative New Year resolution suggestions for you.

But there you go.

I wrote these in a hurry: based on conversations I’ve had with family, friends and clients over the past few weeks, and also influenced by some of the craziness of life that inevitably happens around Christmas time. Some of them are also based on one or two of the ideas that we work on in my Five Day Post Xmas Winter Reboot – this list of alternative New Year Resolutions is basically a mishmash of ideas that seem to be a good starting point.

Feel very free to take just one. Or two. Or take one and twist and turn it into something that works better for you. Or just ignore completely if you are already happy with what you’ve decided to make your year about.

So, here goes, here is my list of¬†12 Alternative New Year Resolutions¬†(that won’t make you feel guilty or stupid or like a failure)

  1. Drink a glass/mug of water every morning.
  2. Eat something green each and every day.
  3. Only eat posh chocolate.
  4. Chew my food a bit better than I might be tempted to.
  5. Move my body every day – just for the fun/headspace.
  6. Pick up 20 pieces of litter every day.
  7. Go for a pooh when I need one, rather than when I have time.
  8. Do nothing for five minutes every single day.
  9. Tell the people I love that I love them.
  10. Check my phone no more than once an hour.
  11. Phone people instead of texting/messaging them.
  12. Switch off all tech an hour before bedtime.

Any of those seem doable to you? Any tickle your resolution tastebuds?

My main focus this coming year for me will be: picking up litter every day, telling the people I love that I love them, and switching tech off an hour before bedtime. Wish me luck….

(I already started with the litter picking – feeling pretty chuffed already!)

Maybe you feel like you could use a hand with some of these – if so, join my Five Day Post-Xmas Winter Reboot – it starts on Monday 8th January.

4 thoughts on “Alternative New Year Resolutions”

  1. Fab post Claire and some really refreshing New Year resolutions. I’ve picked chewing my food better (seems quite an easy one) and doing nothing for 5 minutes each day (that’s going to be hard for me!). Thanks for these!!

  2. Great ideas! It’s lovely to see a move away from the stereotypical resolutions that everyone falls into the trap of following for a few weeks! Only eating posh chocolate seems like a great compromise too!


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