Anti-oxidants. Yawn.

Anti-oxidants are sooo last season.  They are definitely not the cool kids any more.
Which is why this post is super short, so you can move right on to the next thing.
When you produce energy, you produce lots of free radicals. Lots of free radicals = damage.
Have your anti-oxidants before you exercise.  They snuff out the free radicals = no damage.  Or at least, less damage.
There are loads of different anti-oxidants which your body needs to perform the aforementioned free radical snuffing.  A good start would be fresh veg and fruit.

See.  I said it was going to be fast.  You didn’t even get time for a yawn.  And if you throw in the phrase ‘free radicals’ when you are out and about, people will think you are super cool (that last bit was an exaggeration).

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  1. Know what? I didn’t learn anything new from this post, but how I love your writing, you are entertaining, I just keep wandering around your site for fun! And your attitude towards nutrition is just a great relief:-) Keep up the good work!


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