Claire Stone Nutrition @ Work

Wake up!

What if you could help your staff beat the mid-afternoon slump?

An army marches on it’s stomach – and so does your business. Your staff are your most valuable assets, and for them to function at their best, they need the right fuel.

You’ve invested in the latest tech and the slickest systems – now it’s time to make a real difference by investing in those indispensable people that are the heart and soul of your business.

You certainly can’t tell your staff how to eat, or force them to change their habits. But you can provide them with the information they need to get the most out of what they eat. And they’ll love you for it!

Claire Stone Nutrition @ Work

With the Claire Stone Nutrition @ Work programme you can choose from a combination of Lunch & Learn workshops and drop-in Mini Consultation days, all held at your office.

Lunch & Learn: These interactive workshops are fun, short (because who has time for a long workshop?) and most importantly deliver the key information your staff need to make better choices about food, diet and health.

Mini Consultations: Looking for a more personalised approach? These 20 minute one-on-one sessions are ideal for individuals who want to discuss a specific nutrition issue or get tips, ideas and suggestions around health, fitness or diet issues that might be causing problems or confusion.

Healthy eating the Claire Stone way is loads more fun than you’d imagine – no need to completely change routines or ditch favourite foods. Instead, Claire will help you understand how you can have your cake and eat it!

Whether you choose Lunch & Learn, Mini Consultations or a combination of the two, we’ll not only deliver the content, we’ll also save you the trouble of organising everything by providing invitation emails for your staff, a sign up system, follow up email and survey – not to mention a tasty (and healthy, obviously) lunch, if required.

Sounds awesome! Can you tell me more?

The business case

business-caseNeed more convincing? Ok, this is the really good bit. If you help your staff embrace a healthier diet, you’ll see all sorts of great benefits, including:

  1. Happier, more confident staff – ideal advocates of your business to the outside world
  2. Reduced stress and sickness levels – healthy eating supports the mind and the immune system
  3. Increased productivity and focus – no more mid-afternoon slump
  4. Improved staff morale and retention – show them how much they mean to the business

In other words, investing in the health and happiness of your team is vital if you want to see your business become everything you believe it can be.

Still not sure whether Claire Stone Nutrition can make a difference to your bottom line while providing your staff with a great, fad-free way to think about diet? No problem – call Claire for a totally no obligation chat and she can answer all your questions today.