Chocolate and the BBC

As a kid, I remember really REALLY wanting to appear on the television, or on radio, or something.

I’m not an actor, I can’t sing, and even though I can dance really well at a disco, it most definitely isn’t good enough for anyone to be impressed.

I do love talking though – I’m really good at talking – so I had figured that I could do some sort of presenting, or announcing, or something along those lines.

And growing up in Bristol meant that there were two major broadcasters I could chose from. TWO.

Surely chatting on the radio was nothing but a quick hop, skip and jump for me.

I decided that once I was finished with school, I would work for the BBC.

My nan (bless her soul – she was a lovely lady) put paid to that.

She told me that it was almost impossible to work on TV/radio, and was so sure about this fact, that I put the thought out of my mind and never pondered it again. My dreams of broadcasting were ditched before I’d even given them a chance. It’s funny really, that we often let one single comment switch our dreams completely into ‘sleep’ mode.

Instead, I headed out into the big wide world, did some really cool things and have ended up being a nutritionist.

A nutritionist who loves chocolate.

A nutritionist who admits on BBC RADIO Bristol to the fact that getting some chocolate in for breakfast is a great way to start the day!

Yes, I’m writing this to tell you all about the fact that I was interviewed by Becky Walsh to talk health and vitality in Spring. For the radio. As an ‘expert’ on nutrition.

And I ended up talking about chocolate.

With breakfast.

Clearly (I hope it was clear enough) I’m not talking about sprinkling a smashed up Easter Egg onto my cornflakes. And I’m also not suggesting that a box of chocolates is a good alternative to actual eggs.

But I do like to find a way to add a smattering of the good stuff into breakfast when I can.

For example:

  • Milk mixed with a teaspoon of cocoa powder on your cereal instead of plain milk. AMAZING.
  • Oats soaked overnight with the above-mentioned chocolate milk, with some cacao nibs on top – crunchy and chocolatey!
  • Honey mixed with cocoa powder makes an amazing syrupy topping for pancakes.
  • I’ve recently discovered a chocolate tea from Tea Huggers – how very cool is this!

The trip to the BBC studio in Bristol was fab. The amazing Becky Walsh is funny, fab at radio and did a great job of helping me, and my fellow guests feel really at home. I got so comfortable there that I ended up taking a gazillion photos of me looking all DJ-ish.


bbc collage 2

The biggest fear about doing something like this, is that I’ll end up looking, or sounding, a bit on the weird side. Which, I guess, is always possible.

I’ve no idea if I did sound a bit crazy, but at least if I did, I sounded friendly, full-of-energy and little bit nutritiony.

Which is fine for me. A lot can go wrong in radio, and I guess talking about chocolate for breakfast is fine.

(And even if I did mention chocolate a bit too much, at least I didn’t find some squashed and melted chocolate in the back pocket of my jeans, unlike another of the presenters there, eh, Laura Rawlings!)

You can listen to the show here or on the player below. I’m in the first part (3:35), so you don’t even need to skip forward to find me! (and you might as well join me in dancing to the first tune too!)

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Finally: now that you’ve realised it is possible to eat chocolate (read why) and be a nutritionist, you might be wondering just how to combine chocolate with your own life.  The best way to learn about what you need to eat (and yes, it may well be chocolate), click here to find out more about Start Right and Carry On.

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I also mentioned duck eggs in my interview – Ben from Puddle Lane Duck Eggs sells the most amazing organic duck eggs.


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