On BBC Radio Bristol

It seems I have a face for radio.

No kidding. I definitely do. It’s the perfect face to go on BBC Radio Bristol!


I’ve been invited on BBC Radio Bristol twice in the past few weeks – once to talk about the news, and once to talk about nutrition, particularly over the Christmas period.

Claire is radio famous, part 1.

The first session was with the amazing Claire Cavanagh – my little slot was at 1 hour and 22 minutes and we talked a bit about nutrition but mainly about the odd funny pieces in the news.


I totally forgot to mention my website and the Winter Warmer Reboot, but aside from that, I think I did a pretty good job!

Claire is radio famous, part 2.

And the second session was on Christmas Eve, with Dr Phil Hammond (rockstar!) at about 45 minutes. We actually did manage to cover some nutrition, so in my slot you’ll find out some tips for staying well at this time of year!

And of course, the obligatory photo of me and Dr Phil in the studio.



Claire is famous on the Radio, part 3 (not just famous, but she’s the ‘expert’!)

And then I was asked in the New Year to be part of Laura Rawlings’ show, where she wanted to talk to an expert on New Year habits and food – whopeee! I’m here from around 1 hour and 24 minutes.


In the shows, my Five Day Winter Warmer Reboot is mentioned a couple of times. To find out more about staying healthy, happy and warm over the Winter, head here.


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