Five tips to start right

When you first decide to do something – lose weight, get fit, start running etc – it’s easy to jump straight in without thinking about the best way of doing it.

It seems that the best way forward is to just get started (while you are actually excited about it) and that you’ll figure out the best way forward as you go along.

You’ll ask your friends about the best trainers to buy, and you’ll ask in the office for recommendations as to which well known weight loss club will work best, and you’ll see what everyone else does when it comes to exercise programmes.

Sometimes, jumping straight in just isn’t the best way forward.

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Time away from the busy-ness of life

Life is soooo busy.

There are always a million things that need to be done. And if you are running your own business – like me! – finding time to actually do proper ‘thinking’ work on your business is really really hard. And it’s just as hard to eat right when you barely have time to put paper in your printer.

That’s why I run The Healthy Business Retreat. It’s a great time to get away from the busy-ness of life, and head right into the heart of your business.

But in a wonderfully relaxing yet focused way.

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Taking the (best) biscuit

Let’s get straight to the point.


(aka cookies for you lovely non-biscuit eaters!)

Are tasty and crunchy, and they seem to pop up in the office/cafe/picnic when you least expect them.

They especially tend to pop up around 20 minutes after you’ve decided to stop eating rubbish and start eating ‘healthy’.

Which is sooo tricky, because, even though you know that a biscuit is just a biscuit, somehow your mind starts telling you that if you eat just one, you’ll fall down the hell hole of guilt and sadness and won’t be able to stop. Which means you either say ‘stuff it’ and then eat all of them, or you politely decline, and then feel sad because you have nothing to dunk in your lovely cup of tea.

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What to do when it all goes pear shaped.

There are times in life when things don’t go right.

In fact, there are times in life when everything seems to be going wrong.

As a nutritionist, my default reaction should be to say that even when life is going crazy, you should remember that eating well is one of the things you can do to support your body, emotions, mental health and energy levels to get you through all kinds of hardship and troubles.

But the simple fact is that sometimes eating well feels pretty much impossible. Even for nutritionists.

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Entrepreneurial Sparkiness

A few months ago, I was encouraged by some very clever and astute women to apply for something called the Entrepreneurial Spark.

It’s a program which will be starting up in August, and it sounds pretty amazing for people who run small businesses or who have a business idea but need help getting it off the ground.

Aside from anything else, the program provides a shared office space in one of the most exciting parts of Bristol – which is pretty much the only reason I applied. (that’s a joke. I mainly applied because I like the idea of having colleagues to go to a work Xmas party.) (just kidding. I actually applied because it sounds amazing and I like the idea of my business becoming super amazing and even more people eating better and feeling more clever!)

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Eczema – what can you do?

Eczema is one of those skin conditions which keeps on cropping up.

And when you head to the doctor to find out what you can do about it, the answer is often just to try using on of the many medicated creams or lotions available. Which works fine for some people, but often, the eczema just keeps on coming back.

As a nutritionist, I tend to think that there is quite a bit we can do to help eczema in terms of food, but I am also aware that there is a lot more that can be done in terms of skincare.

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When should you stop eating?

I was asked recently in my facebook page the question:

When is your cut-off time to finish eating?

My answer was this (more or less):

Oooh, well, as a general rule (which means there is absolutely no need to feel bad for all the times it doesn’t work!) I reckon that once you’ve had your evening meal (maybe with pud, if you like to finish up like that!), you should really be done

In other words, ideally stop eating once the meal is over. In a perfect world, evening eating would be finished a good three or four hours or so before bedtime, so that the digesting is done before snoozing begins! Totally not possible sometimes, which is why it’s a general rule rather than strict enforcement!

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What should you eat before going for a run?

You are due to head out for a run.

You know that if you eat something heavy, you will most likely end up barfing it onto the street.

But you are starving hungry.

So you choff down your sarnies in a hurry to give you some energy, and then you’ll have your healthy banana later.


If that’s you, then I’m screaming at you: DON’T DO IT.


Because what you eat is sometimes not as important as WHEN you eat it.

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The best way to wake up before your coffee hit

I know how crazy this sounds. When you jump in the shower in the morning, the very last thing you want to do is turn the water onto cold, not even for a second. Especially when it isn’t exactly tropical outside. There are some pretty darned good reasons though for turning the dial down at … Read more The best way to wake up before your coffee hit