Sucked sewage? Read this if you surf in the Spring…

You know the feeling: happily surfing along, whistling as you ride.  A quick wipeout, luckily you come up for air….. right in the middle of a floating toilet, complete with lashings of poop, toilet paper and other nasty debris.


After politely informing all your surfing compadres by shouting ‘sh*t’ and texting the SAS sewage team (if you are in the UK), you might be pondering just how much of that sewage is lingering on, and in you and trying to guess which nasty illness you might come down with.


Even though surfing in pooh is never going to float anyone’s boat, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the chance of you getting ill.

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Bike crashes and road rashes

Two weeks ago, a cycling client of mine, who is a bit of a speedster managed to come flying off his bike, skidding along the floor and landing in a pile on the Bristol to Bath cycle path. Luckily, nothing was broken, except large areas of his skin disapeared and a few muscles around his ribs were pulled and twisted making it very hard to breath properly. Ouch! Bless his cotton socks. The danger for him was that by not taking deep enough breaths, he was at risk of getting a lung infection. Luckily for him though, we had a quick consultation and he was able to ensure that his skin wounds healed super fast, and his lungs, whilst still sore, have remained infection free – hurrah!

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Skipping for fun!

The sun is shinin’, and I am so happy! So happy, I could just skip around – yupeeee!

What a great idea. Skipping.

One of my kids (the one who likes to be called Elvis) skips. She skips a lot. Like a LOT. Almost all of the time (except for when she is headin’ upstairs, of course).

Why does she skip? Well, it certainly isn’t because it’s cool, easy or practical (try tidying up the front room whilst skipping and you’ll see what I mean). It’s definitely not because I told her to, and not because she thinks she deserves to, or is worth it, or even that it will get her into some elite club. She isn’t trying to get fit, be healthy or improve her skipping skills (I love that phrase – ‘skipping skills’!). She is just skipping because, to her, right now, it is fun.

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