What’s up with skincare?

Something has been bothering me about skincare for a long time:

What on earth made someone think that putting tiny pieces of plastic into skincare and toothpaste would be a good idea?

Someone, somewhere literally went: ‘we don’t need to worry about what happens to the plastic after it’s been used because it’ll just wash down the drain’. 

Or did they even get that far? Did they just go: ‘our consumers want to exfoliate and we don’t want to waste money, so let’s just use cheap bits of plastic because all our consumers care about is their shiny fresh skin.’

Whatever. For some reason, someone (or rather, a few someones) decided that not only was it ok to do that, but that we wouldn’t notice.

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Exercising for the fun of it

In our latest podcast, the wonderful Mindful Eating Coach, Lisa Beasley and I talk (and laugh a lot) about exercising. Or more specifically, our trip to a fitness class.

Lisa had the brilliant idea that we should go along to a session together and then talk about it afterwards. So we did.

We joined a session run by Wild Country Woman which involved having a grand old time jumping around laughing and doing a little bit of boxing (my favourite bit!) and then we retired for a cuppa, a biscuit and a chat afterwards. As you can imagine, we don’t bang on about exercise to make us look good. Instead, we talk about how exercise to make us feel good.

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Common sense and nutrition

Why oh why is there such a lack of common sense when it comes to nutrition, especially in the world of the press?

How can it possibly be that an article about pesto containing loads of salt, therefore being ‘less healthy’ than a MacDonald’s burger be something that ever makes it out into the world?

And how on earth are people supposed to have any idea what is healthy, or what is safe to eat, when pieces like that appear almost every single week?

No wonder people are confused!

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Do not put your kid on a diet

I don’t care what anyone else says: if your child is overweight, do NOT put your kid on a diet. Not now. Not ever.

(disclaimer: I’m guessing there might be some cases when a diet is the only and urgent answer to an issue, but I’m putting myself out there by saying I believe those times are probably a lot less than you might imagine.)

And by ‘kid’ – not only do I mean the important child in your life. I’m also talking about your pre-teen. Your teenager. Your grown up kid. And, dare I say it, your own wonderful self.

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In defence of sugar

(I totally know I shouldn’t be writing this, what with me being a nutritionist and all, but sometimes stuff just needs to be said)

Sugar makes stuff taste nice.

Yes it does.

Just like fat also makes stuff taste nice.

But unlike fat, (or at least the fats which we like to think of as good fats) sugar is pretty much a demon ingredient. Anyone who cares about their health hates sugar. Some people won’t touch the stuff because it’s a poison.

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Salad days!

Standing in the supermarket, in a hurry, looking a line of greenery in the chiller section.

You know you want to eat more salad. But seriously. The choices when it comes to chocolate or fizzy drinks is pretty much unlimited, but you never realised that the simple act of choosing a salad would be so darned confusing.

You’ve got whole icebergs, little gems, packets of rocket, packets of wild rocket, packets of wild rocket, spinach and watercress and then you’ve got bags of pre-chopped salad with slivers of carrot, or in a bistro-stylie with a dressing in a little sachet.

It’s enough to make you want to step away from the salad aisle, and head straight for the pretend takeaway section at the other end of the fridge section.

Rather than leave you getting the cold shoulder from the salad section, I thought I’d write a handy guide to choosing a salad.

(and before you laugh, and say that surely it all depends on what you like: I totally agree with you. The first way to choose is to go for something you actually like enough to eat. No salad is nutritious enough that you’ll get healthy just by looking at it.)

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I won a prize – a really big one!

You might not know, but I am part of a business accelerator programme called Entrepreneurial Spark here in Bristol.

When I first found out that I had won a place there, I got all excited and wrote this post about it.

I’ve now been there for 9 months (time really does fly when you are working hard and loving every minute) and boy o boy, have things changed around here.

I’ve completely changed my branding.

I researched, and then dreamed up Start Right and Carry On.

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The three essential tips for Christmas

Christmas is a tricky time – so much food around, so much fun going on and plenty of booze a-flowing.

I’m often asked for tips to survive Christmas – after all, it’s when pretty much everything falls by the wayside, other than actual eating – and there are really only 3 essential tips that I have to share.

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The Power Up Five Day Summer Detox is here!

The 5 Day Power Up DetoxHey You!

Let’s focus for a moment. You are here for one thing, and one thing only. You want to feel better (or faster, or more energetic, or slimmer, or happier) and you are hoping that I can help you.

Good job. Because I can (but you have to join in too).

Here’s how: I want you to give yourself a huge boost this Summer and sign up for my Power Up Five Day Summer Detox. I want you to take a bold and slightly wild decision to join the quickest and happiest Detox party in the world!

I wrote this Five Day Detox specifically for you because:

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