It's all good!


What a year it’s been (and it’s only the start of June already).

There are so many cool things going on that my brain is a seething mass of ideas, inspiration, total madness, and a huge desire to give you even more.

Before I hit you with the exciting future stuff, I am going to take a quick stroll down memory lane, offering a quick nod of thanks to the past year and the fantastic people who have given me my super-powers!

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Get yourself some Spring Energy

Finally, after a long Winter which seemed tg go on for pretty much ALL of last year, we are heading into Spring.

Which is precisely when you want to hitch up your trousers and dip those toes in the waves as they lap the shore.
You want to hoik your over-sized wooly jumper off and get some sun on your skin.
You want to jump right into your spangly new trainers, and knock two minutes off your personal best (whether it is on your trot around the block, or your Ultra-Marathon training)

You want to jump on your bike and peddle furiously with the wind blowing the cobwebs and sleep out of your eyes.

But. Yes, of course there is a but.

But, there is something missing. Something not quite right. Somehow, in some strange way, you feel, erm, you KNOW YOU ARE NOT QUITE UP FOR IT.

You are still wrapped in that extra layer of cuddliness which kept yMmmm, orangesou warm all Winter long. You haven’t quite come out of hibernation mode yet. Or, worse, you weren’t allowed to hibernate properly – kids, work, life – and you are fighting your way to the coffee pot each and every morning just so you have the energy to pull your tights on over your PJs. Darn it. Take the PJs off first.

Your brain is saying ‘yeah, life’ and your body is saying ‘noooooooo, curl up, roll over and don’t fall out’.

You need caffeine to wake you up, cakes to keep you going and then vino to get you to chill out.

You can’t see how you would ever have the time in the morning to wrap up a sarnie for later, let alone wrap up your life in a big bubble of joy.

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Is the recession making you fat?

This is a serious question.

Is the recession making you fat?

Before you hit me over the head with a breaded kipper for being so ridiculous, hear me out.

Times are hard. Harder than they have been for a long time. Money is tight, and you need to make your money goes further.  So why on earth would a recession be making you fat? Surely a recession is when we all get skinny?

Think for a mo though:

Do you buy 3 packets of something, just because if you buy two packs, you’ll get the third FREE?  It makes sense right?  Buy two, and get a WHOLE ONE FREE.  Just because you don’t need three, or will take months to eat it all – or worse – you will eat all of them this weekend because they are there – that doesn’t matter.  You’ve saved yourself £1.09.  And £1.09 is big. We are in a recession.

Do you sit there at a work meeting, eyeing up the biscuits?  You never have them at home, but, well, they are here, just sitting there, smiling sweetly at you.  You would never normally eat more than two, but hey, it is Friday.  You deserve a treat.  Especially as someone else is paying.

At parties, are you the first in line for the buffet, and one of that last ones up there again too, clearing up the leftovers?  It’s free, right?  Why shouldn’t you eat as much as you can – it will only go to waste otherwise.

Well, sorry.  I’m here to tell you that this line of thinking is going to get your butt big.  Your butt bigger than you want, and in a harder-to-shift-kind of way than you ever thought possible.

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Watching your weight

Watching a TV programme recently about how Weight Watchers makes money was a real eye-opener.  Not necessarily the programme itself, nor the ways in which the company earns wonga, but I was blown away by how passionate people are with their opinions on losing weight and keeping it off.

As far as I can see (as you may know, I can’t actually see very far at all, due to my extremely bad eyesight – but the phrase refers to my ability to hold an opinion, not actually physically see into the distance) one of the biggest problems that we have in terms of losing weight and keeping it off, are our extremely screwed up ways of thinking about food – and by food, I meant the stuff that we are supposed to eat, not the stuff that has been invented to make us feel like we are eating something.  But that’s a whole different post.

Back to our relationship with food: for example: there was a video going around showing a baby who didn’t want to eat his mushy food and who was grumbling about it.  His dad switched on the TV in front of the baby, the baby was instantly mesmerised, and the dad just shovelled the food into the baby for the next few mins, with the baby barely even noticing.  Loads of people commented that it was cute, or what a great way to get a baby to eat, or that just shows how cool Gangnam Style really is.

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Winter Charger: 5 day mini-detox

Thanks for checking out my Winter Charger: 5 day mini detox.  Alas, the last detox has begun, and you missed your chance to do it this time.  Don’t worry though – sign up to my newsletter, and you’ll get all the info – and first dibs – on my fab Spring Detox when it is launched in just a few weeks!

Ahhhh, I am so full up. I have to stop eating. I feel like a blob. Time to sort myself out.

How many times have you jumped into the New Year with your ‘I will lose 3 stone’ or, ‘I’m going to do the London Marathon’, or ‘I am giving up takeaways, or smoking, or coffee’ or something else along the same kind of wibbly wobbly lines. And then, by the end of January (or sooner!!!) realised that you just can’t do it, don’t want to do, aren’t even bothered about doing it, or have realised that it’s just toooo hard.

Have you even given up giving up because you are sooo crap at it?  Maybe it’s worth just not even trying so that you don’t have to confirm just how pants you are!

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