Oooooh, indeedy.

There can’t be many people who don’t like chocolate (can there?), and I am so pleased to tell you that chocolate is not as bad for you as you might think.

But before you go out and chomp yourself a huge bar of the stuff, you need to bear in mind the following:

When I say ‘chocolate’, I mean proper chocolate.

A lump of brown coloured, chocolate flavoured vegetable fat with sweeteners does NOT count as chocolate.

Real chocolate is made with just a few ingredients, all of which are actual traditionally edible foods.

If you have no idea what I mean, just compare the ingredients of some really cheap chocolate with a bar of organic chocolate.

The reason chocolate isn’t as bad for you as perhaps some other treats is this: chocolate contains, amongst other goodies, magnesium, which is a mineral normally found in green leafy veg, nuts, seeds etc. Seeing as many people are lacking in magnesium, chocolate is a good way of getting some!

Just don’t use this as an excuse to eat loads. If you really need a treat, some lovely proper chocolate ticks all the boxes; at the same time, it IS high in sugar and caffeine.

But given a choice between sweets containing all kinds of nasty chemicals, or some lovely chocolate, I know which I would pick.

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