Chocolate sauce

One of the things that I love is chocolate.

Chocolate everything: chocolate pudding, chocolate cake, chocolate for breakfast, chocolate chocolate, chocolate biscuits.

If it’s got chocolate in it, then I’m pretty much going to like it.

BUT, if it’s chocolate flavoured (ie, it doesn’t actually chocolate in it. The chocolate is just chocolate flavouring), then I feel sad. Sad, cheated and I just won’t bother eating it.

If I’m going to eat a chocolate anything, then it needs to be real chocolate. Otherwise, what’s the point? (read this if you want to know why I’m such a fan of real actual chocolate)

Which is why I thought I’d share with you my recipe for home-made chocolate sauce. The kind of sauce you can chuck on a pancake. Or dollop onto some ice-cream.

And because it’s not filled with random rubbishy ingredients, you can feel pretty darned cool about the fact that it’s almost a health food…(ok, so it might not be an actual ‘health’ food, but it’s good. I promise you)

So, here’s how to make chocolate sauce which isn’t exactly a ‘health food’ but is far better than most of the ones you’ll find in a squeezy jar somewhere.

One tablespoon of cocoa powder or cacao powder.
Approximately three tablespoons of honey – ideally organic or local or raw if at all possible.

Mix the honey and chocolate powder together until they are smooth.


That’s it.

All that’s left to do is pour, eat, pour, eat and then pour and eat some more.

(do I really need to mention that if you are diabetic, then even THIS sauce ain’t going to be good for you?)


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4 thoughts on “Chocolate sauce”

    • You are totally welcome – we had it on pancakes yesterday morning, and it was so fab! And it’s a really cool way for children to do a bit of food prep which can’t go wrong, tastes fab and leaves a lot of spoon to lick!

    • Give it a go – you could even use something other than honey – like syrup if you really wanted. Yes, I know that syrup is liquid sugar, but at least it is just liquid sugar, rather than a random concoction of weird ingredients which would make it better than most chocolate sauces that you might get off the supermarket shelf!


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