Chopping n changing!

I’ve never really liked lots of fruit. Veg I could eat all day every day, but fruit takes a bit of mental effort for me. I recently discovered that I like apples a lot more if I just chop them up a little bit. I’ve no idea why, but it just makes them tempting like a whole apple never could be.

Likewise, my nephew never liked apples much. That was until he tried one that didn’t come straight out of the fridge. So, cool dude as he is, chilled apples just don’t float his boat. Interesting.


My point being, just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean you don’t like it. You might just not like it in the way that you’ve tried it before. If a simple apple can taste so different by either being chopped or un-chilled, just think how exciting, or different something like, erm spinach, or brocolli, or even crazy foods like, quinoa or sweet potato might taste if you eat them chopped or cooked differently.

I am wondering though, just how to make aubergine taste nice….

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