Cold or not, you need some fresh air

It’s that time of year again, when getting fresh air seems really tricky.

The house is warm, full of the lovely smells of Christmas chocolate (or is that just mine…?) and the thought of going out in the cold, or in the rain, is just too darned harsh.

It’s tempting to stay indoors for pretty much the whole of the festive season, nibbling on mince pies and supping the odd glass or three of mulled wine. And to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with nibbling and supping. Nothing wrong at all.

However, as creatures of the world, we do need fresh air. And ideally, we need some each and every day.

But if you are to believe what you read, there’s pretty much no point in getting out into the fresh air unless you are going to hike across a mountain, or spend at least 30 minutes hitting maximum heart rate for fat burning efficiency.

Which is a little bit ‘all or nothing’ for my liking.

And it’s probably a bit too ‘all or nothing’ for the many people who feel that there’s no point in bothering unless it’s going to be a proper training session.

Hence, and therefore, I hereby declare that five minutes of fresh air, taken ideally at lunchtime, but in reality, whenever works for you, is fine.

Just head out, wrap up warm, breathe deep and maybe even leave your phone in your pocket so you can look at the trees or the shops or the joyful and optimistic faces of everyone else out there, enjoying the beauty and magic of the Winter world (ok. I appreciate that other people generally aren’t looking all wonderous, but your lovely smile might be just the think to perk up their lunchtime stroll).

The benefits of getting some fresh air are multitudinous (OMG. What a brilliant word.)

So multitudinous (OMG. I used it again) that I’m not going to bore you with all of them. I’ll just bore you with a few.

  1. Fresh air is what you were designed to fill your lungs and body with. Air conditioned air is fine. Fresh air is better.
  2. Fresh air is often available in the same locations as daylight. And daylight is key to helping us fight the Winter blues and bugs.
  3. Fresh air makes you feel alive. It seriously does. In the olden days, when you were in hospital, they used to wheel you out into the fresh air every day because they knew how important it was to keep patients spirits up. Don’t doubt the wisdom of the hospitals of yore. (except, maybe, it might ok to doubt some of the other stuff they used to do. Like blood letting and lobotomies.)
  4. Fresh air will wake you up. It will wake up your body and your brain in a way that caffeine never can.
  5. Fresh air will help you think better, think more clearly and be more productive. Don’t believe me? Get some fresh air, and head back to the office and see if it doesn’t help.

There you have it. Just a few of the multitudinous (OMG. Genius. Promise not to use it again though) reasons to get some fresh air.

You might want a bit more than just a fresh air boost, in which case, you should check out my Five Day Post Christmas Winter Reboot. There’s no need to ditch the chocolate, but sign up now to grab your spot, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the end of January!

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