ConsultationsIt can give you a headache; all this talk about ‘eating clean’, ditching sugar, swapping butter for margarine.

And you might not have any idea where to start.

There are lots of ways of working with me (a good place to start is by joining my seasonal Reboots)

But there really is nothing quite like a consultation with me to get right to the heart of your food, eating habits, health and goals.

Think of this as being the most intense way of working with me – it’s 100% all about you.

We go deep into your history, your lifestyle, your goals and how things really are for you RIGHT NOW. There’s no judgement and there’s no guilt-tripping. Just straight up honest conversation about you. Which means you get to really understand what’s going on.

During the session, you’ll find out what will help you eat better, and we’ll figure out what’s holding you back. You’ll have plenty of ‘aha’ moments as you begin to see things more clearly.

You’ll come away with an actual plan of what to do next, how to do it, and you’ll feel you understand yourself and what drives your eating better too. And to top it all off – you’ll have a grand ol’ time with me, and yes, you will find out if butter or margarine is what YOU should be eating.

  • An initial consultation lasts around 90 minutes and can take place either in person, via Skype or via telephone.
  • A follow up session (highly recommended) takes around 30 minutes and usually takes place around 4-8 weeks after the initial consultation.

Cost of initial consultation plus a follow up session is £160 when booked together. Booking them together means you get answers to any questions that may pop up in between our sessions – giving you full support when you most need it.

The cost of an initial consultation alone is £100.

To book your consultation, drop me an email and we’ll get the ball rolling.

A mini-version of a consultation is the Start Right Review.

Or, if you aren’t sure a consultation is what you need, give me a buzz or send that email, and we can chat. If you aren’t sure if you are ready to jump in to a consultation, sign up to my nifty newsletter instead or think about joining my next Five Day Seasonal Reboot.