You were designed to choff Easter Eggs

It’s true.

You were.

You were designed in such a way as to need to eat Easter Eggs.

And the Easter Egg makers know this.

They are perfectly aware of the fact that, as a human being (you are a human being after all – unless your name is Mork, in which case, you jolly alien, skip this post and read my last one about chocolate milk after exercise) your in-built, pre-programmed survival system requires that you take notice of, and eat foods which are going to give you energy.

That’s why, when you see them (and you can substitute ‘Easter Eaggs’ for any high energy pile of stuff which makes you shake at the knees) you are drawn to them, you can’t wait to get your hands on them, you think about them all the time (especially if they are hiding from the kids in the cupboard) and most especially if you are feeling tired.

You have been programmed to always do your best to get the energy that your body needs so that you can make it through the next famine.

And even though you no longer life in a cave, and just because you no longer struggle to keep your larder stocked, that desire NEED to find and feast when you can is still there. It drives you to gorge on goodies which will give you an energy boost. It forces you to carry on eating even though you know that you are done. And it helps you to find the best 3 for 2 deal on Easter Eggs, even though you’ve been telling yourself that you really shouldn’t.

So, what to do?

First: if you know anything about me, or my attitude to eating, you won’t be surprised to find me saying that you shouldn’t feel bad. Fighting nature is hard, especially when nature is being given a mega helping hand by big businesses who just want you to buy their stuff. So don’t feel bad or sad or guilty. Be kind to yourself.

Second: get real. If you know that your weakness is chocolate, don’t make life hard by walking around a supermarket stocked to the brim with chocolate eggs on your way home from a stressful day at work. You’ll be like a lamb to the slaughter – especially as in the pre-Easter period, supermarkets even fill the tops of the chiller cabinets in the vegetable section with Easter Eggs (I’m looking at you Sainburys…) So get real. Make it easier to not give your money away in swap from some brown chocolate flavoured pap.

Third: give yourself a fighting chance by filling up on some of the things that your body craves because it needs them so that when faced with the things that your body is no longer in desperate need of, you might be able to resist temptation but in a nice way. One of those things that your body really needs, and which will almost certainly help you with all-emcompassing chocolate cravings is magnesium. To boost your magnesium levels a tad, you could try:

  • eating sushi – the sea veg in there is chock-full of magnesium
  • nuts and seeds – almonds are a top fave
  • green leafy veg – especially dark green leafy veg. Think of foods such as spinach, spring greens, broccolli, cabbage, kale, watercress.
  • fresh herbs – they aren’t just good for making your meals taste good; they are also full of magnesium too.
  • pulses (beans) – yep, beans beans are good for your heart (probably because they contain lovely magnesium!)
  • really good quality chocolate. Good proper chocolate has quite a bit of magnesium in it. Which means that eating good quality chocolate makes you less likely to crave the crappy chocolate. Hurrah.

So there you go. Fill up on magnesium, and possibly, just possibly, you’ll find yourself less likely to try filling up on the Easter Eggs piled up in the shops.

Need help with your cravings? Book a consultation with me and we can see what’s causing you to find it hard to stop.


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