Do you eat ‘bad’ foods fast?

I’ve been really noticing how I eat.

(I really am so rock and roll!)

And I don’t just mean the way I move the fork from the plate to my mouth.

I mean in terms of the way I eat differently depending on what I am eating. And I’ve noticed something really funny.

Even though I don’t eat much in the way of ‘rubbish’ food, I have realised that when I am eating something which isn’t a super-amazing healthy food, I tend to eat it quite fast. I don’t mean proper shovelling speed by any means, but my usual average pace of eating definitely speeds up a notch or two when I am eating something a tad cheeky.

If you want to blame the fact that I am scared someone will catch me eating an icecream, you couldn’t be more wrong on that one. I love it when I get caught with vanilla icecream melted around my chops because it gives me another chance to rant about the differences between icecream and nicecream.

No, the reason I eat it fast is that it feels less naughty that way. As if, somehow, eating it quickly gets the job done faster, so it will have less ‘badness’ about it.

Now, re-reading that makes me seriously doubt whether or not I should even post this up, as it makes me sound as if I have completely lost the plot. But hear me out.

Whenever we do anything that is wrong, we try to get it out the way as fast as possible – remember when there used to be ‘please do not walk on the grass’ signs in parks? If you were cheeky enough to go on the grass, I’m willing to bet a bunch of bananas that you ran, or walked in a super-fast-stylie, just so you wouldn’t get caught.

Makes sense. Of course.

But eating foods which aren’t so good for you in a super-fast-stylie isn’t the same thing. When you eat foods fast, you don’t digest them properly. You give yourself in-digestion. You don’t enjoy them as much. You even forget that you ate something and then eat more of it. Or your gut doesn’t have time to realise it is full, and so you end up eating far more than you really need to.

What to do, oh what to do?

I think the answer is pretty clear.

Eat your food – the good stuff and the not-so-good-stuff – a bit more S.L.O.W.L.Y.

In other words, CHEW the darned thing. Unless it’s an icecream, in which case just sup that stuff up.

Whatever you are eating, slow it down.

If it’s good for you, you might as well get as much goodness from it as you can. And if it’s bad for you, you might as well actually taste the darned thing before it hits your stomach at 90 miles per hour.

We also know that when it comes to losing weight, the speed that you eat your foods has much more to do with your success than almost anything else. Yep. That’s right. Slow it down, and your butt might shrink a bit too!

But that isn’t why I’m telling you this.

I just want you to stop feeling guilty about eating ‘bad’ stuff. Because there’s no such thing as bad stuff. Just stuff you shouldn’t eat quite as often. Which means when you DO eat it, you really want to chomp it properly and enjoy it.

Now that’s something worth chewing over.

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