Do you practice what you preach?

I was asked this recently by a friend*

*a nice person, but someone who clearly doesn’t know me that well because that kind of question would never come from someone who has seen me choffing ice-cream on the beach.

We were talking about food (as I often seem to end up doing) and they very seriously asked:

“Do you practice what you preach?”

Which struck me as an odd question and it hit me hard. In the gut. Like the thwack of a kipper.

So I answered, with a very serious face:

“No, of course not”.

Which I instantly regretted because I was actually trying to be funny by answering my interpretation of the question, rather than the actual question asked, and then had to explain myself.

What I meant was, no, I don’t preach anything, so I therefore can’t practice what I preach because I preach NOWT.

Sure, sometimes during a one-on-one consultation, I might need to really get someone to understand a key point in their plan for eating better and I have been known to get a little ranty in the past when someone asks me a question about clean eating.

But generally, you’ll get no nutritional preachiness from me at all.

Unless, you consider that maybe I’m a bit of a nutritionist renegade with no ulterior motive other than to help people enjoy their food more, and who wants nothing other than to see people eating real food with a big smile of their faces. In that case, then I guess I do get a little preachy about enjoying your food, taking time to eat it rather than shovel it, and dancing with joy at the thought of eating cake.

When you work with me – either with a consultation, at one of my workshops, or if you join Start Right and Carry On, you’ll pretty quickly see that preaching is right down at the very bottom of my list of favourite activities.

There’s no point to it, and there’s no need.

I ain’t a preacher, and I ain’t gonna preach.

(you have to say that last line in an American accent. I don’t know why though)

One thing I have noticed a lot in my work as a Nutritional Therapist is that while I might not be preachy about food, a lot of my clients and customers start out being really hard on themselves, and really preachy in their heads about what they should or shouldn’t do.

And one of my favourite activities IS helping take that preachy voice and turn it into a nice kind and sweet voice which lets people leave their nutritional hang-ups where they belong. In the bin.

So if the thought of bringing a nutritionist into your life feels a little bit scary, try to remember that it isn’t about what you can’t eat, or what you should eat, but figuring out what works best for you.

No judgement.

No preaching.

Not from you.

And certainly not from me.

(and even if you decide to work with me, I still ain’t gonna preach!)

2 thoughts on “Do you practice what you preach?”

  1. “American accent”! LOL! I totally hear that!
    You have a terrific attitude, and I’ve followed you for ages, Claire. Thank you for another terrific post!


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