Don't let scales screw up your happiness

Let’s just imagine, shall we?

You are losing a bit of the weight that’s been pulling you down for a long time. You are getting fit. You are getting strong. You try on some clothes which you haven’t worn in years, and yes, amazingly, they fit. They don’t just fit. You + those clothes = FIT BIRD. You get admiring glances from those who get to feel that new body, and you get admiring comments from the friends and family who know how low you have felt being bigger than you wanted.

And yet, despite the pert buttocks, flatter belly, and hint of delicate muscles which are starting to grace your arms and the flood of sexiness which has turned your slumping gait into a catwalk sashay, you STILL jump on the bloody scales, see that you’ve only lost a pound, and instantly you feel deflated. And I don’t mean in a good way. Just in a crappy, ‘why am I doing this?’ kind of way.

Can’t you see it? There is sooo much more to losing weight than just what the scales tell you. Sure, they help you to see that you are going in the right direction, but they don’t have a ‘sexy mama’ marker on them, do they? They might show you if you’ve had a ‘bad’ weekend, but they take no notice of the sky-high self confidence you are currently feeling. (or felt, that is, before you dashed it with a quick glance at the all consuming scales again).

I wish I could wave a wand, and show you that you are so much more than a weight. Than a figure on a scale. There is so much more personality to you than the BMI is ever going to show.

If you are getting fit and strong, then you are doing well. Use the scales as the tool that they are – they tell you what you weigh, not how you should feel.

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