Doodle your way to creativity

‘I’m not creative’ – or am I?

Claire Stone Nutrition isn’t just about food and nutrition.

Yes, it’s the main focus – I am a Nutritional Therapist after all (doh!), and I’ll always be working to help you get happy and comfortable about food. That’s why I’ve written posts with recipes like this one, and other posts about specific aspects of nutrition, like this one.

But, for me, nutrition has always been influenced by why we do what we do, and what we can do to make our lives happier and healthier without having to give up all the tasty stuff.  Which is why I often end up ranting about stuff like willpower, or why ‘trying to eat better’ is never a good idea.

Right now, as part of my quest to help us be more productive, happier and engaged at work, I’ve teamed up with Emma from GO SKETCH. Our challenge (details in this jolly video below) will help inspire your creative side AND unleash the magnificent power of your brain as a result!


This might seem a bit of a bold claim, but I’m laying my heart open here – I’ve always felt (and said) that I’m not creative – that I can’t ‘do’ art and that I’m just not one of ‘those’ kinds of people. Over the past few weeks, I’ve realised that this stance – of not being creative – might possibly be holding me back. So regardless of whether or not I actually am creative, I’m jumping into this challenge feet first and seeing where it takes me.  I’ll be sharing my journey with the #gosketchdoodle and would love to have you join me in this journey into the unknown… (or rather, I should call it ‘the journey to better problem solving, better ……

So, are you in? Can you join our 30 day doodle challenge when we start in July? Do you want to see what happens when you release the doodle beast?


(to join the challenge, head here to GO SKETCH and sign up)

(to find out more about my Summer ‘Look! No Nuts’ Five Day Reboot – head here)

And come join me on instagram at _clairestone to see my very own 30 days of doodles (including my first two attempts – the random pattern and the fish!

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