Dried apricots should be BROWN

Brown v orange dried apricots?

This question comes up a lot.

And the answer is sooo important for one main reason:

BROWN DRIED APRICOTS taste loads better than the orange ones!

Yes, they might look less glamorous than their fake-tan orange cousins, but when it comes to taste, they are so far ahead, you can’t even see them in the distance.

I totally believe that the brown (aka unsulphured) ones are waaaay better for you than the orange (aka sulphured) ones.

The sulphur used to preserve the colour in the orange ones is just a straight up preservative, so if you are trying to eat fewer preservatives then it makes sense to not eat the orange ones. For some people, an allergy to sulphites can mean that eating foods with sulphur in them can trigger a reaction.  If you happen to be sensitive to sulphites, but don’t know it, you might not associate your asthma or eczema or random bad-gut feelings with eating (or drinking) sulphites.

Hit the lovely gooey brown unsulphured apricots and try telling me that they aren’t a winner.

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4 thoughts on “Dried apricots should be BROWN”

  1. Sulfur-dioxide aside, I’ve done blind taste tests with both sulfured apricots and unsulfured apricots and everyone prefers the sulfured apricots: they taste more like real apricots (without the fig overtones of unsulfured apricots), they’re more tangy, and they’re less leathery and tough than the unsulfured apricots. And there’s no comparison when it comes to visual appeal: the unsulfured apricots are quite unattractive.

    • Ohhh, you are so right = they look really unappetising, which is a real shame!
      I don’t mind the fact that they don’t taste like fresh apricots – just like I don’t mind that raisins don’t taste like grapes. But I completely understand that for some people, they are waaaaaay to rustic.

  2. some of my unsulphured apricots developed a white powdery coating.
    wanted to know if that meant they were moldy or had gone bad in some way.
    it didn’t look exactly like mold, just discolored. We threw them out.
    What would you say?


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