What should you eat before going for a run?

You are due to head out for a run.

You know that if you eat something heavy, you will most likely end up barfing it onto the street.

But you are starving hungry.

So you choff down your sarnies in a hurry to give you some energy, and then you’ll have your healthy banana later.


If that’s you, then I’m screaming at you: DON’T DO IT.


Because what you eat is sometimes not as important as WHEN you eat it.

Straight up.


I realised that this was an important topic because last week I was faced with being really hungry, having only 45 mins before my exercise class started, and having only the food in my little lunchbox to choose from.
I had:

A cheese roll.

An apple.

A few, erm, handful of nuts.


Being all nutrition-esque, my mind quickly did this little dance:

Before exercise = antioxidants

After exercise = protein


I’ve talked about this before, here but I guess it can be useful to see that idea in practice.

So, before I hit the class, I ate my apple.

The apple is a good source of anti-oxidants,  a nice source of energy as well as being pretty quick to digest – especially seeing as I made sure to chew it well – never an easy thing to remember for me!

After exercise, you need protein to help rebuild your muscles, so my cheese roll and nuts did the trick perfectly well, and stopped me from gagging for a snack later on.

It’s perfectly possible that you might be wondering why a nutritionist would be having a cheese roll for lunch – and my answer would be that I eat totally normal foods (most of the time!). Just because my roll was a homemade spelt one isn’t something that I want to boast about (although it was BLOOMIN’ tasty).


Like I said, it’s not just about what you eat, but when you eat it.

(and yes, that also goes for chocolate – hint: post exercise is best for that one)

To learn exactly what you should be eating, and WHEN you should be eating it, why not book a consultation with me?

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