Get yourself some Spring Energy

Finally, after a long Winter which seemed tg go on for pretty much ALL of last year, we are heading into Spring.

Which is precisely when you want to hitch up your trousers and dip those toes in the waves as they lap the shore.
You want to hoik your over-sized wooly jumper off and get some sun on your skin.
You want to jump right into your spangly new trainers, and knock two minutes off your personal best (whether it is on your trot around the block, or your Ultra-Marathon training)

You want to jump on your bike and peddle furiously with the wind blowing the cobwebs and sleep out of your eyes.

But. Yes, of course there is a but.

But, there is something missing. Something not quite right. Somehow, in some strange way, you feel, erm, you KNOW YOU ARE NOT QUITE UP FOR IT.

You are still wrapped in that extra layer of cuddliness which kept yMmmm, orangesou warm all Winter long. You haven’t quite come out of hibernation mode yet. Or, worse, you weren’t allowed to hibernate properly – kids, work, life – and you are fighting your way to the coffee pot each and every morning just so you have the energy to pull your tights on over your PJs. Darn it. Take the PJs off first.

Your brain is saying ‘yeah, life’ and your body is saying ‘noooooooo, curl up, roll over and don’t fall out’.

You need caffeine to wake you up, cakes to keep you going and then vino to get you to chill out.

You can’t see how you would ever have the time in the morning to wrap up a sarnie for later, let alone wrap up your life in a big bubble of joy.

Go for a run? Pah. You’d be more likely to get the runs than find the other dap. Eat better? As if that is ever going to happen. Get some energy? Only from a green can with funky writing on it.

There. Is. No. Way. Out. Of. This. Mess.

I am here to let you know that, in fact, there is.

There is a way to get so springy that each step feels like you are walking on the moon.

There is a way to get your butt to SMILE and LAUGH at the thought of doing some exercise.

There is a way to get yourself sleeping so sweetly, you wouldn’t even notice a brussel sprout under your mattress.

And there is a way to dump the junk that has accidentally accumulated around that slender waist of yours.

And there is a way to get you chuckling your way through some mega tasty AND healthy foods.

But there is a catch.

There is always a catch. The catch isn’t a nasty catch. It is more of a ‘this feels like magic, but it ain’t actually magic’ kind of a catch.

The catch is that you do have to do something. It is not going to just happen to you. If you can get your head around that fact, I would love to introduce you to my supremely short, simple and jolly Spring Energy Five Day Detox.

“Thank you. Thank you very much”, says I, taking a bow.

Yes, I know. It’s all a little dramatic for such a straight-forward concept. But I needed you to stay with me. And if you are reading this, then you clearly did stay with me. The reason I needed you to stick with this is I need to know that you have staying power. I need to know that you can take more than just one or two sentences from me. Why? Because this detox is hard(ish) and I am both your host and your guide for the five days it takes to go from gloomy to bloomy!

If you couldn’t even get to this part of the page, you’d have NO chance of getting past day one on this little baby!

To be fair. I am deliberately trying to make the detox sound hard. Spring is the best time of year to do a detox (’cause your body is desperate to get the gunk out and does it really well in the Spring), and even a little easy 5 day-er like mine is going to be trickier to navigate than one of those roundabouts in Milton Keynes. So, I’m telling you now, you don’t want to do this if you already know that you are going to quit. You need to decide to take the bull by the horns and DO THIS THING.

And DOING THIS THING involves the following:

Deciding that you are going to commit to five days – just five days of planning, eating and drinking properly.

Being super brave and taking a five day holiday from some of the habits which are perfectly ok when you choose to do them, but which aren’t ok when you are so addicted to them that the thought of not having them for five days makes your voice go all high-pitched and wobbly.

Trying new foods and trusting that you will have MORE energy as a result of it.

Sitting down for a few minutes and making a plan or two. If you aren’t willing to plan, you may have a problem, Houston. (If your name isn’t Houston, it doesn’t mean you won’t necessarily have a problem. Be warned)

So, are you in? If you already know that you are up for it, you can jump the queue and settle in right now. If you aren’t sure, or you want to know a little more, slide on over to the Nitty Gritty page, where you’ll get a little more detail and maybe even a reassuring hug from moi.


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