Giving up wheat (temporarily) – a personal story*

It’s funny, isn’t it?

How we always ignore the glaringly obvious, and think about everything else instead.

I’ve come to realise, after a good few months, and a great deal of pondering, that I need to try giving up wheat for a while. Hopefully not forever (I’ve not gone all coeliac on you now) but I definitely need to quit for at least for a month or so, just to see.

I’ve had a couple of reasons for thinking about giving up wheat for a while (more on those in future posts, and entirely dependent on how this whole thing goes), but I’ve been desperately ignoring myself, and all the good advice that I give about nutrition – what a total fraud – in the hope that I was just mistaken.

The point being, I won’t know if I am mistaken until I give it a go. So I hereby declare that I am giving it a go. It’s not like I eat a lot of wheat any way, but this month I shall be putting my money where my mouth is, and doing it. (even though I don’t normally eat a lot of wheat, the past two days have been a wheat-frenzy. I guess I have been getting my last hit of wheat while I can).

The good thing about this is that it’s giving me an even better understanding of the thought process behind the wry smile that I get from a lot of clients when I suggest removing something from their diet. I hear the phrase ‘I thought you were going to say that’ a lot when I have client consultations so now I’m on the other side of the room because I thought I was going to say it for ages. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely don’t spend all my time telling folk to quit wheat. I fully believe that, in general, giving up an entire food isn’t the best way to handle things, which is why, clearly, I’ve been putting this off for, well, a good few weeks months years.

Anyway, so I’ll try to document my wheat-free experience here on my blog – partly because it’ll stop me from cheating on myself. I’m also hoping it’ll be interesting to see what I actually do when faced with not having wheat – the challenges I face will be the same as anyone else removing something from their diet for a while, but hopefully my knowledge of nutrition will help me.

Either that, or it’ll make the whole business a right pain in the bum, and I’ll be secretly snuffing donuts. Whether I fail, end up hating myself and my advice, or whether it turns into a raging success, I’m going to be honest, and let you know how it goes.

Luckily for me, the super fab and amazing Happy Detox Breakfast Challenge (autumn/winter) version starts up on 13th October (sign up if you haven’t done it yet – it’s brilliant!) so I’ll be inspired and well fed each breakfast time, even if the rest of the day goes slightly baps up.

Wish me luck.

(or at the very least, wish me some nice wheat free cookies)


*this is a personal story. Which means that nothing I say on the posts about my going wheat-free experiences should be taken as officially coming from my nutritional therapist mouth.

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