Healthy Brains

Sometimes, we just don’t think about our brains. Or if we do, it’s just because it doesn’t work as fast as we want, or that it is just too full up of random information to do what we want it to do.

How our brains work is way beyond most of us. In fact, it’s way beyond most scientists too, because our brains are just way too complicated. I do, however, like to think that a few basics can make a great difference to quite a lot of brain issues.

1. Brains are mainly made up of water. So for all things that happen in brains to happen (electrical messages, neurotransmissions, connections, memories etc etc) surely it makes sense that the brain has enough water. Being dehydrated slows your brain down. So always make sure that you are drinking enough WATER to keep your brain cells nice and wet!

2. If you drained the water from your brain (please don’t try this at home), you would mainly be left with a lot of fat. Yes. Fat. A brain is full of fat. Not just any fat. It’s full of the kinds of fats that are good for brains. So, if your brain is mainly made of fat, and you are eating a really low fat diet, or a really high ‘bad fat’ diet, your brain just won’t be getting the fats it needs to do all the things you want it to do.

3. This is where it starts to get complicated and way way indepth. I’d say for now, just turn your brain to the top two points, and your brain will thank you.

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