Hot burning lungs….

I don’t have asthma, so I really can’t claim to know how it feels when you just can’t breathe, but as a trying-to-start-running-a-bit runner, I definitely know how it feels when your lungs start burning and you can’t breathe in and you can’t breathe out.  Whenever I tried running as a kid, the lung pain was a big part of my reasons for giving up really quickly, and taking a leisurely stroll instead!  If that sounds familiar, read on:

That feeling, whether you have asthma or not, could be partly due to a really random reason.

You might well be dehydrated.


Think about it.  When you breathe out, the air coming out of your lungs is damp.  It has water in it.  Water which comes from inside you.  And when you are exercising, you breathe at a faster rate, and more deeply than you normally do.  You breathe in a lot.  And you breathe out a lot.  And when you breathe out, you lose water.  If you don’t have enough water in you to start with, it’s going to get quite confusing for your lungs.  Breathe in = vital oxygen.  Breath out = vital water is lost.

It’s a simple equation, and one which is probably far too simple to provide the answers to a lot of problems.  But making sure you drink enough water (and seriously, I don’t mean drinking pints of the stuff – just being aware that your body is designed to run on water and not coffee is a good start!)  in advance of your training session can make a massive difference.  I know. I am the worst runner in the world.  But I don’t have hot, burning lungs when I run anymore!

If you try drinking more water before you train, and it really doesn’t make any difference, it might be time to think about a consultation or joining Start Right and Carry On.


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