Hot stuff!

Today we are talking hot stuff.

And by hot stuff, I don’t mean the weather. And I don’t mean your shiny gold hot pants, eh, Kylie!

No, by ‘hot stuff’, I mean HOT DRINKS.

Which is a bit weird because, surely, as you undoubtedly know, I am not against hot drinks. The odd cup of coffee (when you aren’t doing my detox, of course) is perfectly fine, and a nice cup of tea can be a lovely companion to toast and eggs at the weekend.

What I am talking about here is the super-mega-boiling stuff that some of you like to pour almost straight from the kettle, down your throat. You know who you are, so please don’t hide behind the steam billowing from your chai.

Why do I care so much about hot stuff like that?

Simply put: if your drink is too darn hot for you to safely stick your finger in, what on earth makes you think your gullet is any better prepared for burn-prevention?

I know, I know. A cup of coffee should be hot. Totally. I’ve never really understood the whole ‘frappe’ business anyway (although, perhaps I should confess here that my favourite ice-cream flavour is, and will always be, coffee).

Erm, yes. So, back to hot drinks. You won’t catch me saying ‘skip the hot drinks’. Heck no.

But, we know that drinking really hot drinks really increases your risk of oesophageal cancer (throat cancer to you and me) which isn’t even worth me saying, because just like cigarette smokers, super-hot coffee drinkers do a great job of ignoring ‘risky’ business when it comes to something that is so enjoyable.

The thing that really interests me though is the fact that often (and this isn’t always the case, but ‘often’ is good enough for me to want to mention it to you) the folks who come to me with digestive problems – IBS, indigestion, bloating etc – are also the folks who send their hot drinks back to be heated up a tad, or who describe themselves as having ‘asbestos mouths’.

Is it at all possible that drinks which would burn the skin off your hand might also be responsible for irritating your gut just a tad? I can’t say for sure, and I can’t do owt about your penchant for feistily-hot beverages, but, if you do suffer from problems with your digestion, maybe have a little ponder as to whether or not your scalding-drink habit might have anything to do with it.

Try reducing the temperature a little – just a little so you don’t scare yourself- and see how that goes. It might take a while to make any difference though, so don’t do it for just one drink, get fed up and then return to the boiler-zone, scoffing at my randomness. Give it a chance; give your poor old burnt up throat and insides a chance, and see if it makes any kind of difference.


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