It's all good!


What a year it’s been (and it’s only the start of June already).

There are so many cool things going on that my brain is a seething mass of ideas, inspiration, total madness, and a huge desire to give you even more.

Before I hit you with the exciting future stuff, I am going to take a quick stroll down memory lane, offering a quick nod of thanks to the past year and the fantastic people who have given me my super-powers!

At the beginning of 2012 I really started to get down with the fact that I needed to get serious with this whole business of being a Nutritionist. I’d been very serious being a Nutritionist, but not really been working it like a business (which, in case you were wondering, is what a self-employed Nutritionist is).

Anyhoooooo, I decided that I needed to get myself out there, and the minute I made that decision, things started to get big.  And I don’t just mean Big with a capital B. I mean BIG with full caps.

My decision to really focus my energy on folks who wanted to use good food to get fit and healthy led me almost straight away to two amazing women: Wendy Oliver of In touch Studios and Louise Alleyne of Fitquest.  Both are personal trainers who like to do things a little differently and both are super-mega inspiring. If fitness is what you want, and you are in the Bristol area, go knocking on their respective doors.

I ran a number of workshops at In touch Studios (thanks to all who came along!) which really hit the spot and see clients for consultations at their treatment room in the very funky Tobacco Factory in Bristol (and yes, I totally get the irony!)

I joined Louise Alleyne in her new venture Fitquest4Life, a program to help people lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner and have had a BLAST writing and talking about food in a way that really gets people to understand why they put weight on, and how to keep it off.

I am super-grateful to both Wendy and Louise for the opportunities they have given me to learn and grow and develop (who would have thought I would happily talk about pooh in front of 30 people!)

Life is messy bootcamp

I also decided in the New Year that it was time for me to take the behind the scenes of my business properly seriously. I’ve always been mega-passionate about making sure that the nutrition and advice and service I give to my clients is as top-tastic as possible, but in the background, I’d been a bit slap-happy when it came to making plans, staying organised and seeing where my talents lie. So I signed up for an on-line course called Life Is Messy Bootcamp* which has caused some major earthquakes of joy for me in the past months.

I’ve learned loads about how to get myself (and my business) totally sorted and focused, which is why I’ve had to take stock and see where my time and attention were needed. To get to where I want to go (which is pretty much being a great nutritionist for the people who I really want to help [more on that in a mo…!]), I’ve stepped down from my role at Fitquest, which means no more laugh-a-minute pooh talks with those brilliant weight-losing-superstars. I’m sad to be leaving, but I’ll still be hitting the bootcamps in my ever-wussy-but-determined fashion.

So, I’m now doing it all just for and by myself, which is both exciting and daunting. With the help of my Life is Messy Bootcamp gang, I know that the next year is going to be insane, especially now I know what the shaboody I need to do in terms of what I do!

First, I had to figure out exactly who I am here to help and how I can help them.  I’ve go the first bit nailed, thanks to Life is Messy, which means everything else will follow just fine.  The problem for me is that I am super-mega bloomin’ impatient and I forget that I work during school hours, which does limit how much I can achieve each day.

So, for the first big bit of exciting news:

My website is totally on it’s way out. Not because I don’t like it (I do, a lot) but because it doesn’t quite do what I now want it to do and it doesn’t quite ‘talk‘ to the people I want to help in the way that I want it to. At some point in the future (when is a little vague, but, you know, sometime soon), I’ll have a funky new website, with some totally amazing and super-heroically cool branding.


You read that right. I am totally being branded from my head down to my feet by the mega-talented Marbel Canseco, who, if you can’t tell from her website, has got the imagination of an electric creative-whizz-machine. She is making this whole branding process a dream: BIG recommendation for this New Yorker (yeah,  my branding is being done Stateside).

Don’t worry though. I’m not getting all Big and Business-like. Well, hopefully I’ll be getting a little more business-like, but in a way which means that I’ll be providing even better services.

It means that my blog will be even better, my consultations will give you even more, and my idea for a 3-6 month long VIP program for those who need a little bit of focus will go from just being a nice idea to being an actual something.

It’s all so much a go-go that I need to write another post just to cover the next lot of exciting news.

Stick around (well, go have a sleep and do something else for at least a day or two) to hear more about my next Detox, recipe book and super-mega prize.

*This Life Is Messy Bootcamp link is totally an affiliate one, which basically means that if you click on it, and decide to sign up, I earn a referral fee. If you don’t like the thought of that, just don’t click the link, and go to the website via google or something instead. I don’t mind. I just love this course soooo much, I had to tell you about it.

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