It's all good – part 2

This is Part Two – manically exciting stuff which is all for YOU!

Part 1 was all about the past year, and some of the developments ahead for the coming year. But that wasn’t all of it. I kid you not.

Things have been hotting up like a hot-air balloon trying to fly over Mount Everest.

I’m telling you all this partly because I want to show off (and hey, who doesn’t want to show off every now and again), and partly because I want to just get it all out there.

You’ll notice a difference in what I am doing, and how I am doing it, but I am hoping that you’ll also notice that there is no difference at all in how totally obsessed I am with helping you become a superhero version of yourself via the awesome power of good food.

You see, I may be a Nutritionist/Nutritional Therapist/Nutritionalist (if you are from Bristol!) but I am also something of a cheesy mouthpiece for the Enjoy your Food Brigade and I wholeheartedly believe food should be super tasty and that you should ENJOY IT!

I want you to find your superpowers, and destroy your own personal kryptonite, not turn you into a food bore who hates going out incase there is nothing healthy to eat.

So, before I get myself all emotional about tasteless and pointless low fat foods, here are a few of next BIG THINGS. I’m hoping that you think they are as exciting as, well, as exciting as I do.

The very next development is one which you’ve all been waiting for.

The Summer Detox is very nearly here. I know it feels like ages since we ran the Spring Detox, but you’ll be glad you waited.

If you want to get in on the Detox the minute it is launched (and also nab yourself something of a mind-blowing discount), head here to sign up to my newsletter.

Talking of detoxes, a few of my very own recipes from my Spring Detox have joined up with some recipes from a very talented photographer/cook/creative party woman and are currently sorting themselves out into a beautifully photographed e-book. If you don’t know what an e-book is, let’s break it down: it’s a book, in electronic format (hence the ‘e’).

This book is going to be a huge hit, mainly because it looks AMAZING but also because the recipes in it are perfect for anyone who can’t be bothered to spend hours cooking, but likes tasty food, and wants some inspiration. I’m guessing that’s you, which is why it’s going to be available for FREE to peeps who are either signed up to get updates from either my website or from hers – check ’em out

You may, or may not have seen my first video. It was ok, in a ‘I’ve never done a video before, so I’ll just talk about eating proper ice-cream in front of a camera’ kind of way. I enjoyed doing it, and I will be doing plenty more in the near future – watch out as there will be some as a bonus in the Summer Detox!

I’ve also discovered the magic of Pintrest (I am clairestoney if you want to check out some of the stuff I’ve been pinning – it’s mainly about dreamy surf pics, groovy ideas for my new logo and cool snowboarding and riding clothes) and I’m gonna try to figure out ways to use it to share some great nutrition stuff too.

I’ve also been asking lots of questions, and working really hard to make my Nutritional Therapy offerings super-mega-even-more-useful to you. From the intricate details of getting the next Detox perfected, to developing my new, longer term VIP program, my nutritional-brain has been working overtime to give you the perfect ways to access that very same brain in exactly the right way for you.

My blog (this thing you are reading now) is reaching people across the globe (I really never imagined a year ago that I’d have readers in the States, Spain, Cyprus, Russia and even Japan!) and I have realised that my blog has two mega functions:

1. It allows me to give you ideas and thoughts and tips for eating better, getting fit and being happy completely for free. I don’t need to charge anyone for this nifty slice of my brain (yuk).

2. At the same time, writing is something I have always loved doing, but never saw any way for it to be relevant to my life or work in the past (aside from a short stint writing for a snowboarding website which was so long ago I can’t even remember what it was called). Writing this blog gives me a chance to put finger tip to keyboard, and at the same time gives you the odd piece of useful information to keep you on the track to Happy Ever After Land.

So, there you go. A brief insight into the busy workings of a Nutritional Therapist who likes nothing more than eating real food.

‘Normal’ blog postings will resume in the very near future!

In the meantime, up up and away!

(remember, if you want to get first dibs on the Summer Detox, head here)



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