Nutrition for anyone into sport, at any level!

You may already be well into riding/running/swimming or doing any other sport, or you may just be thinking about starting. Whatever level you are at, your energy levels, recovery periods, resistance to injury and ability to heal after injury as well as overall performance can be improved. No matter where you are right now, there is always room to get faster, further, higher or lower (if you happen to be a diver perhaps!). But thinking in purely ‘energy’ terms just isn’t enough. If you give your body just energy, then it only has energy, and nothing more. Nothing to use to repair injuries. Nothing to help clear out the lactic acid or other waste products that exercise naturally produces. Nothing to protect your cells etc from the damage that occurs.

When you give your body all that it needs, exercise (in any form) will be a joy, and will improve not only your fitness but your health too! How many of us know runners who have to stop due to knee injuries? Or swimmers who get ear infections from the water? Or people who start exercising, but then have to stop because their back gives in or their asthma flares up again. The problems that often occur are a result of only providing yourself with energy, and little else.

There is so much more you need to give yourself, and it is so easy, when you know how! For example, you absolutely need to make sure you are getting enough good fats in your diet. The fats will help protect your joints, keep things moving, help you produce the hormones to keep you motivated. Trying to do sports whilst on a low fat diet is just plain wrong, but trying to figure out what you do need can be tricky. That’s why I’m always happy to talk with your sports group – especially if it is a swimming group – to help you get the best from your exercise as well as stay healthy and well for life.

Call me on 07788 644 or email me on and we can get you running or cycling or swimming or walking just as fast as we can!

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