Nuts! Don’t you just love them?

But think you shouldn’t eat them?

The thing with nuts is that because they contain fat, we assume they must be bad for you. To be fair, eating masses of nuts which have been fried in oil with salt, and artificial flavourings is never going to help you loose weight.

BUT, and it’s such a big but that I put it in capitals, nuts have such amazing properties, that to avoid them completely (unless you actually have to because of an allergy) is a real shame.

Walnuts and almonds for example, can help with cholesterol, a couple of brazil nuts can help you feel better, and all nuts are good for helping prevent blood sugar rushes and dips – great if you find yourself stuffing chocolate mid-afternoon!

Even if you want to lose weight, you still need good fats for your brain, your skin, your hormones, and the fats in nuts aren’t just good fats, they are GREAT fats! So tuck in, and enjoy! Just don’t eat the whole packet!

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