Podcast Episode 1

Creating a podcast is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.



Ever since, during the creation of the old version of my website, when I recorded a little spoken introduction and I was hiding under my duvet to record it because I was so embarrassed about my voice (!), I’ve felt the urge to do more.

In the past couple of years, I’ve been doing loads more public speaking, and thankfully no longer mind my voice.

In fact, I think it’s ok.

But the issue was that I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to podcast about. On my own.

Sitting down and just talking to myself seemed like a bad idea.

I think we both look a tad shell-shocked after recording our first podcast

Roll forward to October of this year. My wonderful friend, Lisa Beasley of My Body Positive put the suggestion to me that we do a podcast.

Nothing crazy.

Just us talking, as we like to do, about food, mindful eating, our bodies and nutrition.

So we did it. We actually sat down and recorded a session. In her living room.


We had an absolute blast as we pretty much just had a big chat, lots of chuckles, and said ‘um’ far more than adults should (don’t worry; the ‘ums’ have been edited out!)


This is the result.

We will be doing more – and as we get stuck into these, they will, as always, become even better (because, I’m already pretty proud of this anyway!) We have so much to share with you about food, mindful eating, our take on the psychology of what we feel so bad about food and so so much more.

So, take a listen to our pilot podcast where Lisa and I talk about being first up at a buffet, Lisa’s love of croissants and the story behind why Lisa created My Body Positive. Enjoy!

Head here to find out more about Lisa’s work.

And if the above has made you feel like you do want to work with me, here’s one easy way to get started.

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