Podcast Episode 2 – Survive Christmas

“How am I going to get through Christmas?”

“What will do I about all the chocolate/mince pies/crackers in the house?”

“Why can’t I leave the nibbles alone once I start?”

These are exactly the kind of questions I get asked by my clients at this time of year (well, actually, they ask those kinds of questions all the time, but the frequency definitely picks up as we head towards the festive season!)


Lisa Beasley, from My Body Positive, and I spent a little while talking about surviving Christmas in our second podcast episode, and we share a few tips on how to change the way you feel about Christmas food so that you can not only survive the Christmas period, but actually ENJOY it properly. And that does mean eating chocolate (not compulsory – but it seems both of us have a special love for chocolate!)

We hope you like our second podcast – we’ve got so much to talk about when it comes to eating mind fully (Lisa is far more mindful than me!), being kind to ourselves (that’s a journey!) and also enjoying the foods that we eat (something that both of us agree is hugely important). We hope you like it and would love to know your thoughts, and if you have any questions that we could answer for you in a future podcast.

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