Post-exercise chocolate milk

People, especially runners, talk about chocolate milk as being a great ‘post exercise’ refueling drink, and I have to agree. It is pretty fantastic.

It tastes good, it quickly gets protein to where it needs to go, and it is super convenient – no need to start cooking an omelette when you have chocolate milk around. In fact, when I talk with clients about exercise, one of the ways I recommend refueling is to have chocolate milk.

But when you look at the ingredients of most commercial chocolate milk drinks, there is a lot of random stuff in there which isn’t exactly what you need. Added sugars, sweeteners, flavourings etc. Those are things that don’t help rebuild muscle.

Luckily, you don’t need to BUY chocolate milk.

You can just make it yourself.

It takes almost no time to make and you can put exactly what you want in it so that it fits with your tastebuds and with your requirements – so whether you like it sweet, or with extra protein, you can tailor it to fit.

The basic ingredients for chocolate milk are:

  1. Milk – totally up to you what you use, but I suggest using the best you can. So full fat organic cow milk is great, or you can use a dairy-free alternative. Just pick one which isn’t full of additives like sugar or flavourings.
  2. Cocoa or cacao powder. You can of course use hot chocolate powder, but that tends to already have quite a bit of sugar in it, which isn’t necessary unless you have a mega sweet tooth.

Take a spoonful of the powder, and mix it with a little of the milk to make a paste. Then add the rest of the milk and there you go.

Chocolate milk.

It really is that simple.

To give it a boost, you can add protein powder (use a good one though – Pulsin are a great brand) or an organic egg, or a dash of honey or cinnamon if you like it a bit sweeter.

So, next time you are planning on grabbing some post-exercise chocolate milk, why not make your own?

I’d love to hear if you have any additions that you like to throw in too!

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2 thoughts on “Post-exercise chocolate milk”

  1. Hi, I hace a little baby (two months) and I´m breast feeding her.
    What do you think about chocolate milk and calcium absorption?

    • First of all – congratulations on having a little baby! In terms of breastfeeding, I’d always say that the best drink you can have is water – breast milk is mainly water, and you need to be nicely hydrated to make some. If you are getting enough water, then it’s fine to drink some chocolate milk but you don’t want it (or anything other than water) to be your main drink. Good luck with the breast feeding!


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