Post holiday health kick – not!

I’ve got that feeling. You know, the one you get when you come back from your holiday, and you’ve eaten a tiny-little-smidge too much icecream, and now you feel like you need a boost. Something to kick start you back into the world of normal eating.

Right now, you might be tempted by …..gasp…. a diet. You might be thinking that the best way to dump the ice-cream-sitting-on-your-hips issue is to quickly count some calories, add up some points or even do a fast.

Alas, that isn’t a good idea. We are slowly slipping towards Autumn, and your body is starting to think about winter storage. It’s thinking about adding a little layer of fat to keep you warm. If you start chucking the calories out the window, you are pretty much guaranteeing another round of yo-yo dieting for another year or two. And you’ll miss out on all the goodies which will keep you fit and healthy through the winter.

The best way around this ‘I want to get in shape but you are telling me that a diet is a bad idea’ dilemma, is to ADD good stuff in. Good stuff like seasonal veg and fruit. Good fats. Green stuff.  All of which are a key part of eating well.

BUT, if you can’t wait, and seriously, who can, join me for a quick Juice Party. It’s just one week of adding one or two juices to your day. No cutting out anything. No counting anything (unless you happen to be very particular about the amount of blackcurrants you like to juice) – just adding adding adding.

If you want to join me – I am doing this because I need the motivation myself – sign up to my newsletter ASAP and I’ll tell you how it’s going to work very soon. This isn’t going to be all fancy like my detox – it’s off the cuff, rough and ready, but a little bit jolly.  Something like me, I guess.

Note: this is now done and dusted.

But guess what?

I wrote a book about it with all the recipes in it – just for you! You can read about it here – you don’t even need a Kindle to get it; you can also download a kindle reader direct to your computer/phone.

4 thoughts on “Post holiday health kick – not!”

  1. Adding a little, without cutting (except maybe some of the things that snuck back in, on holiday), sounds like a great blyeah-buster, Claire.

    I’m making progress on getting a grasp on “It’s better than Perfect ~ It’s DONE!” too…


  2. Hello Claire,
    It’s great to be on your website and welcome back from your holiday. I think that it’s key not to be so hard on ourselves and to add food into our lifestyle that we are intuitively led to. You know which food is not aligned with who you are after the way it makes you feel, and you also know what happens when you eat it, either for an emotional reason or because you are purely hungry, that’s why it’s good to experiment with different foods slowly and at your own pace because only you know what works and doesn’t. Best wishes to you xx

    • Hi Ana, thanks for stopping by! Yes, I totally agree that we need to be less hard on ourselves, and to listen to what our bodies are saying – it’s a far better guide than any nutritionist (such as me!) could ever be. Unfortunately, so many people struggle with this as that connection has long since disappeared due to either marketing or misguided advice or just due to eating rubbish. I love helping people get back to understanding what they need and figuring out what works for them – it’s a total case of kryptonite v superfuel!


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