Five Day Reboot

Summer Reboot

What if it was possible to be happier, healthier and more energetic in just five days?

What if you could ditch the sugar addiction or caffeine cravings, sleep better, and enjoy all the stuff (by that I mean FOOD) you love in life?

And what if you could do it all without calorie counting, and without giving up your weekend treats AND without having to worry about everything being full of NUTS!

Forget detoxing. Forget dieting.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Five Day Reboot!

Break ‘bad’ habits and get back on track, this Reboot is a five day healthy eating plan that will give your body everything it needs to be awesome.

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Tell me more… why a Reboot and not a diet?

The logic is simple: as we move from one season to the next, our bodies need different things to function at their best. So you’ll get tips, recipes and not-at-all complicated advice on eating in a way that will keep you healthy, boost your energy levels and help you focus on work and life.
This is not about denying yourself, it’s about quickly and easily resetting your thinking and your actions.

You don’t need to avoid temptation if you aren’t craving rubbish any more!

Join the Summer ‘Look, no nuts!’ Reboot now

What do I get for my £27.50?

I’m glad you’ve asked, because the answer is – a lot!

  • Five day meal plan: a guide that you can follow to the letter or adapt to suit your tastes. (and a plan to help you, erm, plan)
  • Encouraging daily emails: offering support and advice to help you stay focused.
  • Seasonal nutritional tips: so you can make the most of your Reboot.
  • Handy shopping suggestions: to help you get prepared and avoid panic buying.
  • Super easy recipes: created and tested in my own kitchen, on my own family, using everyday ingredients.
  • Access to our Facebook community: providing support and motivation from fellow Rebooters.

The Reboot starts on Monday 19th June as a group, but you are free to Reboot whenever suits you.

By the end of the week, you’ll feel better, have more energy, and you’ll no longer be craving chocolate / coffee / a glass of wine every minute of the day.

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Is your Reboot really for me?

We can all benefit from tweaking our eating habits to suit the season, but the Summer Reboot will particularly benefit you if you want to:

  • Break bad habits and get your relationship with food back on track
  • Kick the sugar addiction / caffeine cravings / booze routine
  • Improve energy levels to help you really enjoy every day of the Summer!
  • Benefit from one of the few times of year when losing a bit of weight actually makes sense for your long term health
  • Create a routine of good habits that are easy to keep going – seeing you through all those lovely holiday ice-creams.

NB: The Reboot is not for you if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have a medical condition that means doing this could put you at risk (if you’re not sure, get in touch).

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page if you have any other questions.

Join the Summer ‘Look, no nuts!’ Reboot now

When you sign up to any of the Claire Stone Nutrition Five Day Reboots, you are confirming that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions for both the Reboot and all Claire Stone Nutrition services.

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