Running a marathon this weekend?

If you are, you might be thinking about carb loading right now.  And if you are thinking of doing that, just a little word of caution: when you run a marathon, you don’t just need pure energy to get you through. Sure, eat the carbs, but do get some protein in there too – you will need it!

Most importantly, the energy that you will be using up when you pound the streets create a lot of by-products.  By-products which themselves can be very damaging.  So make sure you are still getting plenty of antioxidants in there with each and every meal before the weekend.  Antioxidants are found in veg, fruit, nuts, seeds, to name but a few.  So a great carb loading, with protein and high in antioxidants meal would be: a baked sweet potato with roasted veg, some fish, or homous, and a great big green leafy salad. Just don’t eat it right before you start running. Or you may see it again very quickly.

Top running food, that.  Enjoy.  Oh, and GOOD LUCK too!

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