Salad days!

Standing in the supermarket, in a hurry, looking a line of greenery in the chiller section.

You know you want to eat more salad. But seriously. The choices when it comes to chocolate or fizzy drinks is pretty much unlimited, but you never realised that the simple act of choosing a salad would be so darned confusing.

You’ve got whole icebergs, little gems, packets of rocket, packets of wild rocket, packets of wild rocket, spinach and watercress and then you’ve got bags of pre-chopped salad with slivers of carrot, or in a bistro-stylie with a dressing in a little sachet.

It’s enough to make you want to step away from the salad aisle, and head straight for the pretend takeaway section at the other end of the fridge section.

Rather than leave you getting the cold shoulder from the salad section, I thought I’d write a handy guide to choosing a salad.

(and before you laugh, and say that surely it all depends on what you like: I totally agree with you. The first way to choose is to go for something you actually like enough to eat. No salad is nutritious enough that you’ll get healthy just by looking at it.)

But if you want to take things a little more in-depth than just whether or not you like a salad, I’d suggest that the fresher you can get it, the better.

  • So: a salad which has been pre-chopped isn’t going to be quite as fresh as a bag of leaves.
  • A a bag of leaves are going to be as fresh as an actual lettuce in a bag.
  • And an actual lettuce in a bag isn’t going to be as fresh as a tub of living salad.
  • But if you can’t get a living salad, then just go for an actual lettuce.
  • But if you don’t have time to prep and wash a lettuce, go for a bag of pre-washed leaves.
  • And if you know that you won’t eat a salad if it hasn’t already been chopped, then grab a bag of chopped salad, and give yourself a pat on the back for being such a rockstar.

Overall, in an ideal world, you’d be eating salad straight out of your garden. Or having a local farmer deliver a lettuce to your door every day. Or you’d be out in the hedgerows, picking your own wild leaves each weekend.

But the world isn’t ideal, and you are busy so you have to stop worrying.

Do what works for you and don’t worry about what you should, or shouldn’t have when it comes to salad.

Just be glad that you are getting some greenery in your diet!

(here’s another way to get more greenery in your diet)

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