Skipping for fun!

The sun is shinin’, and I am so happy! So happy, I could just skip around – yupeeee!

What a great idea. Skipping.

One of my kids (the one who likes to be called Elvis) skips. She skips a lot. Like a LOT. Almost all of the time (except for when she is headin’ upstairs, of course).

Why does she skip? Well, it certainly isn’t because it’s cool, easy or practical (try tidying up the front room whilst skipping and you’ll see what I mean). It’s definitely not because I told her to, and not because she thinks she deserves to, or is worth it, or even that it will get her into some elite club. She isn’t trying to get fit, be healthy or improve her skipping skills (I love that phrase – ‘skipping skills’!). She is just skipping because, to her, right now, it is fun.

And I think that is soooo important. There are so many things we should, could, would be doing, but if they aren’t fun, what is the point? I’m not saying just don’t do the things that aren’t fun. But maybe if we could enjoy the things we know we should or have to do, life would be a whole lot more, well, fun! Give it a go. Make a cuppa (herbal? maybe not, what the heck, it is springtime after all), go to the loo, do some shopping, and REALLY enjoy it.

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