A slightly annoying way to prevent a hangover


I know, I  know.

This isn’t the best title for a blog post ever, but I couldn’t find a better way of describing it!


I was reminded of my old technique of minor hangover avoidance recently when my lovely Uncle came to visit from Australia.

We went to the pub (as is required) and my poor drinking skills have clearly deteriorated because I drank 1.5 pints of beer shandy (ie beer and lemonade – yum – but it’s only for people like me who don’t drink much!) and then suddenly felt pretty darned tipsy.

Tipsy enough that when I went to bed, I realised that I was totally pumped for a little hangover in the morning.

When I say a mini-hangover, I mean the kind that normal people get when they drink maybe two or three glasses of wine – ie a bit of a muzzy head but nothing much more than that.

As I lay there, wondering how I would manage a mini-hangover with my energetic kiddies in tow, I remembered my super hero trick.

Before I tell you the trick, I want to quickly explain what causes a hangover.

Yes, it’s too much alcohol, but the actual reason you feel so bleurgh when hungover is, to a big extent, dehydration.

Now, I know that you know this, but the reason we get dehydrated when tipsy is that detoxing alcohol uses up a HUGE amount of water. And you generally do your alcohol detoxing when you are asleep – ie when you aren’t drinking any water.

My trick is great because it gives you the chance to top up on your water throughout the night, which means you don’t get a hangover. It does, annoyingly, mean you wake up a couple of times during the night, but the annoyance outweighs the (minor) pain of a hangover any day. At least, it does, according to me.

So, what’s the trick?

Before you go to sleep, you need to drink (sipping slowly so that you don’t bring it straight back up) a large glass of water.

Yes, you read that right.  A whole glass of water. (and for extra points, chuck in some vitamin C too!)

That’s probably more water than you normally drink at bedtime.

The cool thing is that this gives you all the water you need to start the detoxing process as you have a lovely sleep.

But, I hear you cry, I will wake up in the night and need a wee.

And that is the WHOLE POINT of this trick.

After a few hours sleep, your bladder will be full of wee, and you will wake up and head to the loo.

Then you head back to bed, and drink another glass of water (ideally with a splash more vitamin C in it!)

And go back to sleep.

And, yes, then in a few hours time, you will wake up and head back to the loo, and have another drinkie of agua.


Then when morning rolls around, you’ll wake up feeling a tiny bit tired from waking up, but you won’t have a hangover.


Now, there are naturally some disclaimers to this:

  1. It doesn’t necessarily work if you’ve drunk a lot of booze because you may well not wake up when you need a wee, which is, of course, not good.
  2. It also doesn’t work if you have any kind of bladder or kidney problems (although, if you do have bladder or kidney issues, you might not want to be hitting the bottle anyway).
  3. It also doesn’t work if you are going camping. There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night (especially if it is raining!), needing a wee, and knowing that the toilets are a whole big effort away.
  4. Don’t go guzzling loads of water. You need to drink some, yes, but speed drinking anything before you go to sleep isn’t a great idea.


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