If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.


I am often reminded of this phrase.

Which appears to be a pretty darned good phrase to be reminded of.

It makes sense right: if you are going to bother doing something, then you might as well do the best that you can, and aim to do it properly.

Except that it’s not.

Especially when it comes to food.


In fact, this phrase is actually a pretty shitty phrase which puts you off even starting something if there is a chance that you might only be able to ‘sort of’ do it.

It also gives you a reason to quit if it looks like you might not be heading towards perfection.

In terms of nutrition, I see it all the time.

Women who want to feel better, have more energy  and lose weight and who decide that MONDAY is the day they are going to get back on track, start the diet again and stop eating rubbish.

But come Tuesday, or Wednesday, someone in the office has had a birthday, the cakes accidentally fell into their mouths as they walked past the kitchen and there is no point doing it any more. In one small insignificant moment of baked-goods frenzy, all good intentions are out the window.

Which of course means the wagon has officially been fallen from, guilt shall overtake all other logical thought and self defeat wins once again.


Back to square one.

But with a little extra helping of feeling crap thrown in for good luck.

Hurrah for doing things properly, hey?


Stuff that for a laugh. You can shove your perfectionism masquerading as an old phrase which granny used to say right up your, well, chimney.

When it comes to food, and especially eating well for the sake of your health, sanity or dashing good looks, it is always worth giving it a go, even if it’s just the smallest, tiniest, most easy-peasy way ever.

Every time you eat something that nourishes you, you are giving yourself a little boost.

Every single day that you start with a good breakfast, even if you flounder at 11am with a croissant and hot chocolate, you are doing a great job.

Every single time you drink a glass of water instead of a glass of diet soda, you are doing your brain a favour (in my opinion) and you should just be glad about each thing you do.

Which also means you shouldn’t feel bad about the times you ‘fail’.


If you accidentally hit the chocolate when you’d already pre-decided that you wanted to quit the sweet stuff for a while, take the time to enjoy it. Don’t shove it down and don’t sit there and hate yourself while you eat it. Just smack your lips, chomp away, and then move on.

A diet doesn’t end because you ate chocolate.

You are not a bad person because you added a blueberry muffin to the muffin top you were wanting to shrink.

You just ate food.


Eat as well as you can, given the life you want to lead and all will be grand.


I promise.


And if you find that you have no idea why you hit the chocolate every single day, no matter how hard you try, it might be worth having a chat with me. Check out the best way for you and me to have a chin wag.

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