Start Right with MoveGB

Eating better is about to get really simple.

(wMoveGBhatever ‘eating better’ might mean for you!)

Now that you are busy getting stuck in with MoveGB, it’s a great time to also give your diet (and I don’t just mean weight loss diet) a bit of a shake up too.

As you start to move your body more, it’s a great time to finally find out what foods are right for you and your life, your preferences and your goals and then get support to turn those new ideas into lifelong habits.

The reason diets fail, or why eating better is so hard is because the answer to the question of ‘what should I eat?’ is tricky.

It isn’t as easy as following the same diet plan as your friend. The answer can’t be found by asking the beefcake at the gym, or by copying what the top athletes eat.

The reason you can’t find the answer by asking someone else what worked for them is because you are DIFFERENT to them. Totally different.

  • You like different food.
  • You live a different life.
  • You have a different body. (which is annoying, I know.)
  • Your goals are different.

Which means you need to approach food differently. And to do that, you need to know what YOU need.

Don’t waste another year trying to figure out what you should eat.

Sign up to Start Right and start understanding what will work for you to help you hit your goals.

When you sign up to Start Right you’ll be emailed two documents, The first contains instructions on exactly how things work, and the second is a form which you need to complete and return. The form asks for some information around you, your health and your goals, as well as asks you to complete a simple three day food diary. You also choose if you want a Start Right Review (delivered by telephone) or a Start Right Report (delivered by email). Once the form has been returned, Claire will do her magic, and if you opted for a Start Right Report, it will be delivered to you by email within 5 working days. If you opted for a Review, you will be sent a link to book your call. Please note: you are responsible for booking the call!

The Start Right Review/Report is tailored just for you, based on your current eating habits, your goals and your lifestyle/preferences. It gives you very clear and simple first steps to get you started when it comes to eating better. It’s personalised to you, so you’ll be confident that the suggestions are right for you, and because it’s personalised, the suggestions will fit perfectly into your busy life.

Are you in?

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Once you fill in your details above and you’ve been sent the forms, you will be recorded as having used this service as part of your MoveGB membership and billed accordingly. You will be charged according to your level of MoveGB membership.

Claire Stone, from Claire Stone Nutrition is the person behind this service. Find out more about Claire here.

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