Start Right Session

Eating better is about to get really simple, clear and easy.

You are thinking about making some changes to your diet. Whether it’s because you have signed up for a challenge, started a new sport or class or because you’ve realised that you need to get on track. Maybe you’ve realised that going on a diet (again) this year is not the way forward.

But you have no idea where to get started. Google doesn’t help. Your friends don’t have the answers (or they have weird answers). And you have a funny feeling that diet clubs aren’t quite all that.

Who do you turn to? Who can help point you in the right direction? Who on earth has any idea what would be a good starting point but who doesn’t waffle, send you off hunting weird ingredients at the health food shop.

Erm. That would be me. Claire Stone, Nutritionist, not a food dictator.

And a Start Right Session is my way of helping you get started.

My Start Right Session is a great way for you to find out what foods are right for you and your life, your preferences and your goals and then get support to turn those new ideas into lifelong habits.

The reason diets fail, or why eating better is so hard is because the answer to the question of ‘what should I eat?’ is tricky.

It isn’t as easy as following the same diet plan as your friend. The answer can’t be found by asking the beefcake at the gym, or by copying what the top athletes eat.

The reason you can’t find the answer by asking someone else what worked for them is because you are DIFFERENT to them. Totally different.

  • You like different food.
  • You live a different life.
  • You have a different body. (which is annoying, I know.)
  • Your goals are different.

Which means you need to approach food differently. And to do that, you need to know what YOU need.

Don’t waste another year trying to figure out what you should eat.

When you sign up for a Start Right Session you’ll be emailed two documents, The first contains instructions on exactly how things work, and the second is a form which you need to complete and return. The form asks for some information around you, your health and your goals, as well as asks you to complete a simple three day food diary. You’ll also be sent a link to my scheduler so you can book your Start Right Session. You just then need to get your form (which includes a three day food diary, so plan around that!) back to Claire so that she can prepare for your Session. Please note: you are responsible for booking the Start Right Session.

The Start Right Session is a phone call with suggestions tailored just for you, based on your current eating habits, your goals and your lifestyle/preferences. It gives you very clear and simple first steps to get you started when it comes to eating better. It’s personalised to you, so you’ll be confident that the suggestions are right for you, and because it’s personalised, the suggestions will fit perfectly into your busy life.

Get started. Start Right. For just £45.

Are you in?

Great. Get in touch, and we’ll get you started, right.