Stop putting ice in your smoothie

I don’t very often tell people what to do.

I’m more of a ‘give this a try’ or ‘why not consider this’ kind of a nutritionist.

After all, nobody likes being told what to do; especially when it comes to eating.

And I do take particular pride in calling myself the opposite of a food dictator.

So it’s quite surprising to find myself getting all feisty about something, and deciding that I am no longer able to stay silent on the subject of ice in smoothies.

First, let me be clear: if you are making a smoothie out of frozen stuff, then it’s going to be a bit cold. Fair enough. No point heating up your frozen berries to make a warm smoothie.


But: if you are going to the effort of making a smoothie as a vehicle of giving yourself a big boost of vitamins and minerals, there is absolutely no point whatsoever in chucking loads of ice in because when you put ice in, you make it really hard to digest all the goodies in your smoothie.


Here’s why:

Your body can only process foods and drinks when they are at body temperature. So when you eat or drink something really cold, your body has to heat it up first.

Which is fine if you are sipping cold prosseco on a balcony in the sunshine, or if you are licking an icepop on the beach, because your digestive system wasn’t really doing anything else at that particular moment.

But if you are swigging an ice-cold smoothie with the intention of benefiting from all the nutritious ingredients that you put in it, well, you are making things hard for yourself.

You are having to warm it up, and try to digest it AT THE SAME time.

Which is possible, but not optimal and is definitely not conducive to a well digested smoothie.

So, by all means, keep adding ice to your smoothie if you really really love it.

But if you find that you get gassy, or a bit bloated after one such chilled drink, maybe try having it slightly less cold.

Or not cold at all. I mean, you don’t have to add ice, or even frozen fruit to your smoothie. You can just let the fruit defrost beforehand!

Which you might find weird at first, but it’s definitely worth a try.

So what do you reckon? Are ice-cold smoothies giving you gut ache?

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4 thoughts on “Stop putting ice in your smoothie”

  1. Many of the smoothie franchises put ice in their smoothies (at least one major franchise in particular that comes to mind). Wonder what they’ll think when I say “hold the ice”, lol.

    Thanks for the tip.

    • They sure do – and it’s because we all like ice-cold drinks! And if you are just having a drinkie for the sake of a drinkie, then there’s no need to hold off. But if you are hoping for a big ol’ boost of goodness, then it definitely makes sense to have it at least a bit warmer than ice cold!


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